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Higher Productivity Pays

WTO designs and produces technological and qualitative top-quality precison toolholders and tooling systems for turning centers, Swiss Type and multi spindle turning centers.

Our technological and qualitative superior products are known for achieving higher productivity and long tool life.

Our precision toolholders are in use worldwide in the metal cutting industry where high precision parts are manufactured.

WTO offers a complete toolholder program of static and driven precision toolholders for all popular machine tools. Advanced tooling solutions such as Broaching-, Gear Hobbing-, Power Skiving- or Thread Whirling units are also part of our extensive product range.

Our toolholders are exclusively manufcatured in Germany to guarantee the constant highest quality standard. With our own factory sales and service center in the US, we are providing local support where it is needed. 


  • QuickFlex
    QuickFlex - ER collet chuck and quick change system in one tool holder.

  • QuickFlex - Benefits:

    • ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder.
    • Minimal investment because you can start with the toolholder. You simply clamp the cutting tools directly in the toolholder using a standard ER collet chuck.
      The benefit for you: You start with what you need first and you buy later the quick change adapters when you like to add the quick change function.
    • Maximal expandability  because you can complement with quick change adapters at any time.
      The benefit for you: You can start with a basic system at low costs and later you add the quick change adapters.
    • The cutting tools can be pre-set while the machine is operating.
      The benefit for you: The time for tool change can be significatly reduced.
    • Quick and safe tool change with the one-hand wrench (patent registered).
  • CoolSpeed
    Coolant driven Ultra-High-Speed Spindle for micro machining applications...

  • CoolSpeed® mini is a revolutionary, patented spindle technology that can reach rotation speed of up to 80,000 rpm. Driven by coolant, cutting oil or air mist – to be used on almost any machine with minimal investment.

    Continuous high precision

    - The cutting tool shank serves as the spindle shaft

    - Dynamic run-out 4 microns or better 

    - Bearings easily replaced with each cutting tool change

    Efficiently turn any machine into an ultra-high-speed machining center

    - Milling Centers, Turning Centers, Swiss Type Lathes

    - Extends the machine spindle life time

    - Fits in standard tool holders for automatic tool change