Comco Inc  

2151 N Lincoln St
Burbank,  CA  91504-3392

United States
  • Booth: 5547

Comco manufactures micro-abrasive blasting equipment. MicroBlasting is the process of accurately mixing air and abrasive to texture, deburr, clean or erode a surface. A few industry applications include:

  • deburring valves, poppets, splines and fuel injectors
  • deburring PEEK implants, stents and bone screws
  • cleaning holes in turbine blades
  • texturing load cells for better bond adhesion
  • removing MgO to expose contacts for bonding on heat-sensing harnesses
  • texturing orthopedic implants
  • milling channels to control fluid transfer and heat buildup on ring bearings
  • removing metallization on ceramic components
  • texturing injection mold cavities to hide splay lines, flow lines, knit lines, blush marks and other molding flaws
  • applying serial numbers to lenses without micro-cracks on ring laser gyros
  • removing oxides and HAZ from laser cut stents
  • removing PTFE coatings on guidewires
  • cutting composites
  • machining vias in glass and silicon
  • removing graphite on mechanical heart valves

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