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  • The ALPHA SERIES is a new revolutionary Panel Rollforming Line designed with a perfect balance of Superior Quality, Performance and Affordabilty. 

    The new ALPHA SERIES Rollformer features Heavy Duty Cast Stands and High Precision Cast Bearing Blocks manufactured in-house. These and many other high quality features put the ALPHA SERIES above any other Entry Level Rollforming Line.

    We also offer multiple custom designed Panel Rollforming Lines for customers with medium or high volume production needs and speeds of up to 450 FPM.

    All of our Panel Lines are available as a SINGLE or DUAL HEIGHT Version with Pre-Cut and/or Post-Cut Shear Systems.

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  • ASC manufactures complete C&Z purlin rollforming lines as well as a wide variety of custom designed purlin production equipment.

    ASC's Mark I Purlin Lines are the industry's best value in a semi-automatic CZ Purlin Rollforming System. Capable of producing the full industry range of Cee, Zee, U, and Angle shapes, the Mark I is also available with a Swift Punch unit, providing programmable modular hydraulic punching.

    The Mark II incorporates inline eave strut forming and combines purlin and Eave Strut forming in the rollformer with easy forming adjustments. Changeover times under 5 minutes for the expandable Mark I Series brings a new level of quality and affordability to the roofing component market.

    ASC's TKR Purlin Rollforming Line is a fully automatic Purlin Line, making Cee, Zee, U and Angle profiles.The high speed servo motor of the Modular Pre-Punch System pulls the coil stock out of a pit and positions the material fast accurately for the next hole location. A combination of manually or servo adjustable C-Frames together with 4-Post Die Sets guarantees highest throughput speeds and flexibility for your specific punch pattern.

    The ASC TKR Rollformer automatically changes over from C to Z Profile and adjusts the web width, flange height and and lip size. Also available is an additional auto-gauge system and part separation monitoring system.

    The TKR Rollforming Line is designed for high-volume purlin producers who need a high level of purlin manufacturing flexibility. These machines operate 24/7 in some of the most grueling production environments in the world.

    The ASC C/Z Purlin Stacker is a new patent pending design by ASC Machine Tools, Inc. This fully automatic stacking system can handle the industries full range of Cee, U and Zee purlins and can be added to any new and existing purlin rollforming line!

    Our C/Z Purlin stacker will give the high level of flexibility you are searching for.

    And the best, all of our equipment is made in Spokane,WA USA!


  • ASC Heavy Duty Rollforming Machinery
    ASC's custom rollforming lines include heavy duty cast stands, D2- Roller Die tooling and a gear box drive system to form up to 3/8-thick steel!...

  • ASC is a vertically integrated machinery design and manufacturing company and performs virtually all steps of the manufacturing process. Its primary business is providing equipment for the steel construction industry and the two-piece food and beverage can industry.

    In addition ASC supplies custom designed metal-forming equipment for up to 3/8"  thick steel to other industries such as solar, rail road, lighting, stamping, heating and air-conditioning, garage door.  Most of these custom rollforming lines produce shapes that have never been rollformed before!

    This is where ASC's 65 years of experience in tooling design and manufacturing of custom designed world-class rollforming lines make the difference!

    Join the hundreds of satisfied ASC customers by adding a custom designed ASC rollforming line to your operations.

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