Automec Inc  

82 Calvary St.
Waltham,  MA  02453

United States
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Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems for press brakes and shears. Automec also offers control upgrades and replacement controls for press brakes. Automec offers control upgrades for Accurpress AP2® controls, along with Hurco®  backgauge controls. In both cases, the existing backgauge mechanical structure is utilized and the controls and electronics are updated. This is a very cost-effective solution for customers with faulty controls and the inability to receive support/ service on them. These upgrades come with a 1 Year Warranty. The retrofit controls are always compatable with Automec backgauges (mechanical structures), in the event that the customer wants to convert from a hybrid system to a complete Automec backgauge system someday in the future. 

Automec is a Certified USA Distributor of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. These fully-electric press brakes use a direct drive system (NO HYDRAULICS) and offer an accuracy of 0.00008"!! All machines come standard with a LazerSafe system. Machines also come standard with X, Y, & R Axis and can be ordered with Z1, Z2 and X Prime Axis. Pricing starts as low as $55,000.00 USD!! 


  • Automec CNC 600 Control
    Automec’s CNC 600 Control is a new touch screen control, similar to the beloved CNC 150 control that will be used for new Automec backgauge systems, or for upgrading existing Automec systems....

  • Automec’s new CNC 600 Control is a new TOUCH SCREEN control that will be used for up to 3 axis Automec backgauge systems. It will also be used for upgrading existing Automec backgauge systems with obsolete controls. It has many features that press brake operators will find appealing, but not overwhelming. The user interface of the touch screen control is intuitive with icons prompting the user through the steps necessary to program a typical job. The control allows the user to import photos for a visual representation of each bend in a job sequence. The CNC 600 will be a great transition from all previous Automec controls. Customers will be able to utilize their existing Automec backgauges, by upgrading to the CNC 600 control.

    The CNC 600 control offers many of the features and capabilities our customers have been asking for. Automec has developed the CNC 600 to offer similar press brake/backgauge functioning as the popular CNC 150 & CNC 300 controls, but with a completely new and improved user interface!

  • Automec-CoastOne Servo-Electric Press Brakes!
    Automec is the USA Certified Distributor of CoastOne Servo-Electric Press Brakes. These machines utilize state of the art technology, using servo motors and ball screws to administer force, instead of traditional hydraulics....

  • Automec, Inc. is now a Certified USA Dealer of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. Automec handles sales and service for customers in the U.S, as they have been with their backgauge systems for the last 47 years. Servo-electric press brakes are becoming the future in press brake technology. By the term, “servo-electric,” it may seem hard to believe that these machines conserve more electricity than traditional press brakes. However, CoastOne servo-electric press brakes are not running hydraulic pumps and heating fluids all day. These press brakes only use energy when in motion and conserve the energy otherwise.

    The technology behind the CoastOne press brake is the “direct-drive system,” which uses servo motors directly tied to ball screws to administer force. Because of the “direct-drive system,” the ram monitors encoders on each drive, as opposed to monitoring linear scales on the sides of the brake (as many competitors do). This in turn offers an outrageous accuracy of 0.000079 inches! It also eliminates any tollerance issues, due to deflection in the press brake frame. CoastOne press brakes also have "automatic crowning" because the machine varies the force on each drive, based on the location and length of the material. 

    You'll be shocked to hear the low price point of these state of the art machines. 

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