Bonak CPL SL  

Poligono Zerradi 2
Oiartzun,  Gipuzkoa  20180

  • Booth: A4275

Bonak C.P.L., S.L. is an engineering company with more than 30 year experience in the design, construction and installation of coil processing equipment for a wide range of steel coil types. Our Lines are installed in 26 different countries, with more than 300 installations currently in service.

Our company develops the complete design of Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic Controls of all the Lines in our range of products. 

Our expert technicians, specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics, carry out the assembly, installation and commissioning of our Lines. As an important part of the commissioning, they also carry out the complete training of the purchaser’s operators in order to guarantee an efficient and profitable operation of the Line.

The technical support given to our clients is completed with a permanent Technical Assistance Service.

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