Cambridge Vacuum Engineering

630 Silver St Suite 7A
Agawam,  MA  01001-2940

United States
  • Booth: C41544


    Offers the possibility of eliminating the need for a vacuum chamber and has been developed by CVE for the joining of large structures particularly aimed at the renewable energy generation sectors. Sample welds available to see at the booth....

  • EBFLOW main advantages:

    • Single pass, single inspection

    • Achieving the fastest thick section welding rates ever

    • Facilitating very high joint completion rates in thick section steels

    • A coarse vacuum is established and maintained only where it is needed

    • No cooldown period prior to NDT inspection needed

    • Pre-heating is not necessary and consumables are not required during the weld

    • Quality and reliability are improved with immediate post weld inspection possible

    • 20 to 30 times faster than conventional submerged arc welding, 100mm per minute in 150mm thick steel have been achieved

    • Using a system of sliding seals and precision handling enables fast longitudinal and circumferential welds on large work pieces 

    • There is no filler wire, the autogenous weld can be heat treated and the weld rendered invisible. It cannot be found using most methods of QC.

    • This technology has been demonstrated to weld thick sections up to 250mm in steels and light alloys.

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