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With over 50 years’ experience, Coldwater Machine Company is a leader in the design, build and integration of specialized equipment and automated solutions for the automotive, aerospace, energy and appliance sectors. These solutions are designed to meet your manufacturing requirements today while providing flexibility and agility to accommodate product changes that reduce future retooling and operating costs. Coldwater has delivered turnkey solutions that include robotics, servo controlled motions, laser welding and ablation, all joining technologies, friction welding, metal forming, bending and piercing. 

Coldwater is also a leader in the development and manufacture of solid state welding solutions that specifically address lightweight and dissimilar materials joining, as well as having experience with traditional MIG and resistance welding technologies. They are also skilled in developing automated weld cells using fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, MIG (GMAW) and friction solutions.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to transfer technology and know-how developed in solving specific challenges for one market to other industries.  

 Press Releases

  • Coldwater Machine Company, a leading engineering solutions company that manufactures and integrates assembly automation and special machines, has announced another of its automated laser welding lines for powertrain components. Based on standard Coldwater Machine developed laser welding modules, each system is customized to suit customer requirements.

    This recent solution includes palletized transfer of components that are RFID tracked throughout the assembly and welding process. The system assembles and laser welds differential cases and ring gears.

    The first stop in the process is an ablation station, where the ring gears and differential cases are cleaned with a fiber laser for the laser welding process.  After this, the parts are transferred from the palletized conveyor system by a material handling robot; first to a servo-controlled press station and then to the laser welding station. At the welding station, the parts are oriented, clamped under force, and tack welded by the laser. The weld is accomplished using a 6kw CO2 laser with filler wire in the presence of shielding gas. 

    After the laser welding process is completed, the assembly is moved by the robot to an inspection station for a quality check of weld integrity using an ultrasonic system to identify failures using an ultrasonic test system to identify failures such as porosity, holes, cracks or fissures along the 360-degree welded area.  After inspection, the material handling robot loads the welded assembly back onto the conveyor pallet where good parts are transferred back to the unload station and any rejects to a quarantine zone for later evaluation.

    The welding lines are inclusive of associated laser equipment including an air-cooled chiller to remove heat from the laser operations, and a fume extractor that is linked to both the ablation and welding stations.

    Coldwater Machine has applied its standard designs to multiple manufacturing lines for transmission and powertrain components welding. To find out more about its manufacturing solutions for automotive, visit FABTECH 2017, booth A3274, or contact Coldwater Machine at (419) 678-4877.


  • SpinMeld Friction Welding Systems
    Automated friction spin welding system, a solid state joining technology for steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, carbide materials, magnesium, nickel, molybdenum, and other exotic materials that normally may not be welded using other methods....

  • Coldwater Machine Company Highlights SpinMeldTM Friction Welding Systems
    Weld Dissimilar Materials and Eliminate Post-Weld Inspection Processing

    In booth #A3274 at FABTECH 2017, Coldwater Machine Company will promote its automated SpinMeldTM friction spin welding (FSW) system, a solid state joining technology for steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, carbide materials, magnesium, nickel, molybdenum, and other exotic materials that normally may not be welded using other methods. The SpinMeld process is servo controlled with a high-speed spindle bringing critical parameters under control with in-process monitoring to improve part quality and eliminate post weld inspection.

    SpinMeld systems are available with automatic parts handling and inspection, or as stand-alone units or may be integrated into a turnkey solution.  Each machine is designed to fit the individual application with parameters such as rotational speed, cycle time, and forging force fully customizable.   

    Lower Costs and Improve Quality
    SpinMeld can lower the cost to manufacture a wide range of applications where a high strength, non-porous joint is needed. Because the process is very fast, with weld times typically under 3 seconds, it is often possible to replace other processes including arc, resistance and projection welding with better results. The chief advantage of SpinMeld is the ability to produce a superior joint on a wide variety of materials without altering the crystalline structure of the base materials and so the joint strength is very high and the heat affect zone small.

    Prototyping Program and Lab
    SpinMeld is well-suited for bar stock and tubes, rods, cylinders, fasteners, studs, nuts and fittings on various parts, as well as drills rods and hand tools with carbide inserts, heat sinks, air bag inflators, electrodes and virtually any shafted components. 

    Given this wide variety of potential applications, Coldwater Machine has a friction welding lab to support product development and weld studies to allow your team to investigate new approaches to joining materials. Getting started means sending Coldwater Machine a few sample pieces that will be friction welded to confirm the feasibility of joining your materials.  

    For more information on Coldwater Machine’s Friction Welding solutions including its SpotMeld solution for joining aluminum sheet and various other lightweighting materials, visit or watch our videos.

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