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  • D/F Machine Specialties is a global leader in the design and manufacture of heavy duty air-cooled automatic welding torches for MIG welding. These torches provide customers with a superior replacement for the "big box" OEM manufacturers torches they receive with their power source and wire feeder. Very often the "big box" welding guns are made from what the industry calls "high temperature plastic". At D/F Machine Specialties, we feel there is no room for high temperature plastics in welding.

    D/F Machine Specialties has developed the heavy duty Air-Cooled  Automatic Remote Mount and Direct Mount Machine Barrels to provide superior welding solutions for end-users engaged in all types of automatic welding with fixtures, manipulators positioners and robotics. These 100% duty cycle, 400 amp in CO2, 260 amps in argon shielding welding guns, improve weld quality, reduce downtime, extend consumable life, and allow greater productivity when welding.

    • Increases Contact Tip Life up to 7-to-1
    • Multiple torch body lengths, sizes, and profiles available for any application
    • Torch Longevity - Years vs. Months
    • 100% Duty Cycle Rated
    • Easy Connection to All OEM Machines
    • Slip-In Or Threaded Contact Tip Models Available
    • .035”-1/8” Hard/Cored, 3/64”-3/32” Aluminum

    Just like its superior water-cooled torch designs, D/F uses brass and copper in the body of the torch to not only carry the power but to also dissipate the heat. D/F transfers the power through a copper adapter that secures the copper current/contact tip. That very same copper adapter is also the copper gas diffuser, eliminating the need for those expensive separate gas diffusers that break down in the competitors torches due to the heat. The torch features heavy-duty thick walled threaded copper nozzles in many different shapes, sizes and lengths. The use of the threaded nozzles, vs slip-on nozzles results in more heat transfer, longer life, less torch failures and a reduction in torch damage. When needed, the use of the heavy duty chromium zirconium (CrZr) tips for large wire or high amperages are available. Besides how well built these heavy-duty air-cooled D/F torches are, they are also popular in the welding industry because they are available in 2 different profiles (automatic/direct mount and remote mount) and in different body lengths. A majority of the welders performing automatic welding prefer the direct mount (pictured above) version, because they are either plugging the torch directly into the wire feeder or they are using the direct mount torch as a remote mount torch with an adapter on top that accepts the casing/conduit to bring in the wire. This gives them a profile that is very easy to work on when they need to change a liner, conduit, or power cable. These 100% duty-cycle, Air-Cooled barrels have a 400 amp power cable that has been tested and run by Fanuc and Lincoln Electric for 250,000 robotic cycles.

    D/F welding guns are designed to last for years instead of months. If needed, D/F torches are completely repairable and very easy to maintain. D/F factory refurbishes torches for $60.00 plus the cost of parts required to bring the torches back to "as good as new'. Our consumables are always in stock and can be up to 1/3 less than the cost of competitors'. Customers have been consistently pleased to find out that we ship every order within 3 days of receipt of a purchase order, and that we are always willing to ship our equipment for next-day delivery if needed.

  • The D/F Pistol Grip Gun and 55 Degree Curved Gun are very robust in design, and are water-cooled inside and out. This means that the contact tip is held by an adapter that is threaded into the water-cooled body, increasing contact tip life up to 14-to-1. The copper gas cup is also threaded into the front water-cooled nozzle assembly, increasing its life just like the current tip. The great increase in consumable life results in an equally great decrease in consumable costs, and the removal of downtime. Both torches can run .035"-1/8" hard and cored wires, and 3/64", 1/16", and 3/32" aluminum, up to 650 amps with a 100% duty cycle.

    Durability and Cost Reduction
    The D/F Pistol Gun is famous for its durability and toughness as it not only can be used as a hammer when you are not welding, but no matter the duty cycle or amperages, you can grab the torch with your bare hand immediately after welding and it will be cold to the touch. Because of its quality and durability, the D/F Pistol will last years and years vs. months, and will outlast any push-pull gun on the market at 1/2-1/3 of the cost. What does downtime cost your factory? The D/F Pistol Gun will reduce downtime and increase productivity, and consumable costs will be reduced up to 14-to-1.

    Another great feature of these torches is the fact that they have a slip-in tip, so if you have a burn back you are not dealing with all the hassle of a threaded tip. The welders love the slip-in tip! With the use of the D/F collet wrench, all you have to do is loosen the collet one half turn to remove the tip in seconds. It is not necessary to remove a gas cup in order to remove a tip. Upon getting a burnback, loosen the tip one half turn, run it a couple inches out of the torch, cut the wire with a wire cutter, put in the new tip, and begin welding again; it is that easy.

    Many customers prefer the D/F Machine Specialties Water-Cooled Pistol Grip Gun and 55 Degree Curved Gun because they are tired of purchasing expensive push guns that cannot withstand the amperages, heat, and duty cycles. In comparison to expensive push-pull guns that are very fragile requiring a lot of downtime and maintenance, the D/F guns are about half the cost and last up to 3 times longer. With more than 50 years of welding experience, the D/F Machine Specialties Water-Cooled Semi Automatic MIG Guns have proven themselves continuously throughout their lives, particularly in the manufacturing, fabrication, and welding of steel and aluminum trailers.

    Mobility with Push Welding
    Mobility is made easy by mounting the Miller, Lincoln, or ESAB Machine on a cart on wheels with the torches spread out every 10-15ft along the trailer or workpiece. Both the Pistol Gun and 55 Degree Curved Gun are very light weight, but if needed they can be mounted to a boom to take the torch and cable weight off the welder. By adding the optional double walled, aluminum heat shield to the Pistol Gun, there is no extra weight added, and the heat and fatigue will be greatly reduced for the welder.

    Repair and Maintenance
    Maintenance is made easy with the D/F Pistol Gun and 55 Degree Curved Gun because of their heavy duty design and the few parts required to maintain them. If you do not have a maintenance department at your facility, you will be pleased to know that we factory refurbish all D/F torches. D/F torches can usually be repaired for less than 1/3 of the cost of 1 new torch. Just send us the damaged torches for factory refurbishment at your convenience. You will receive a repair evaluation and only charge you $60.00 per torch, plus the parts needed for the repair. We take the torches apart completely, assess the damage, pressure test them, provide the repair estimate to you, reassemble the torches with the needed new parts to factory specs, and re-pressure test to make sure they have been repaired. It is always a good idea for customers to have backup torches in place for emergencies. This is achieved by repairing old, damaged torches.

    NCC/HTC 55 Degree Curved MIG Gun
    The NCC/HTC 55 degree curved MIG gun is the same gun as the Pistol Gun but allows welders to get into position or reach into areas that cannot be reached with the Pistol Gun. This curved MIG gun is a rugged, all purpose, water-cooled, manual MIG welding torch designed to operate at welding currents up to 600 amperes continuous duty using all types of shielding gases. The DF curved MIG gun is intended for use with all wire feeders that have provision for water cooling, and will handle all types of welding wire from .035" through 1/8" diameter steel wire, and 3/64" through 3/32" aluminum wire. It shares the same consumables as the Pistol Gun, allowing for a flexible and low inventory of replacement parts due to the interchangeability of these models. The trigger switch assembly is the momentary contact type. Also available is the optional button on/off switch. Both switches are positionable where desired on the torch for comfort and balance, and to escape reflective heat. The models NCC-A and HTC-A provide larger Water-Cooled nozzles that accommodate larger gas nozzles 11/16" through 15/16" I.D. for hard, cored, and aluminum large-diameter wire applications that require more gas coverage.

    Push Gun Benefits
    Feeding aluminum wire through a push only system is very advantageous. The D/F Water-Cooled Pistol Gun easily connects to a Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB power sources and wire feeders, and is a superior and inexpensive alternative to the push pull guns available in today's market. Push-pull torches are also very fragile, difficult to maintain, and have more parts. Because the D/F Pistol Gun can hook up to any manufacturer's wire feeder and power source, large spools of wire can be used reducing expenses, down time, and wear and tear on the torch by the changing of spools, as in a spool gun. A spool gun needs to have the roll changed after every pound of wire is used, compared with the 8 or 15 lb spool on a push-pull system. In tight spaces, the spool may limit access, requiring the operator to use a longer stickout. If the operator is using several pounds of aluminum per day, the few minutes need to change spools can add up. Also, the chance of burnback exists when the end of a spool is reached, so many operators stop when a few turns are left on the spool.

    Spool Gun Limitations
    Because a spool gun is larger than a push gun, it can sometimes be difficult to get close access to the weld. Also, a spool gun can only hold a 1 pound spool of aluminum wire electrode, so changeovers are frequent. In addition, these small spools typically are not the most economical way to purchase wire. Spool guns are also very fragile and do not last as long.

    Push-Pull Gun Limitations
    Typically, the greatest disadvantage of a push-pull system is that it requires the most number of components and is the most expensive. Push-pull guns are also very fragile and do not last as long.

    Pushing Aluminum Wire
    Because push-only guns like D/F Pistol Gun can hook up to any manufacturer's wire feeder and power source, large 500 lb spools of wire can be used reducing expenses, down time, and wear and tear on the torch by the changing of spools as in a spool gun. A spool gun needs to have the roll changed after every pound of wire is used, compared to the large size spools used in a D/F Pistol Gun. Also, the chance of burn-back exists when the end of a spool is reached, so many operators stop when a few turns are left on the spool.

    Push Welding vs. Push-Pull Welding
    A push gun also has advantages over a push-pull gun for many reasons. Typically, the greatest disadvantage of moving wire over long distances with a push-pull system is that it requires the most number of components and is the most expensive. It is very easy to mount a D/F Pistol Gun on a boom system to take all of the weight off of the gun. By mounting the wire feeder and power source on a 4-wheel cart, you can now travel great distances very easily. Push-pull guns are also very fragile and do not last as long (months vs. years). Push-pull guns are 2-3 times more expensive than the D/F Pistol. They only last up to 9 months on average, and you either have to replace the torch or rebuild by installing a new motor costing as much as $400-plus. There is no need for an expensive tip holder/gas diffuser in a D/F Pistol Gun. The copper nozzle or gas cup is threaded into the front water-cooled barrel of the gun, resulting in nozzles lasting months instead of days. Lastly but most importantly, because the D/F Pistol uses a 4" slip-in contact tip that is recessed in the water-cooling, not only is the arc stability greatly increased, the tip life is increased 14-1, and there is built-in wire straightening. If the operator is using several pounds of aluminum per day, the few minutes need to change spools or replace motors can add up.

  • D/F Machine Specialties is famous for its torches being cool to the touch seconds after welding and promising customers one contact tip a day on the most difficult welding jobs. The D/F fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip MIG (GMAW) Torches are running on the most prestigious and difficult jobs in the world. These 100% duty cycle rated, 850 amp torches out perform any other torch by lasting years instead of months and reducing consumable usage on the worst jobs at least 3 to 1, if not up to 14 to 1. This reduction in torch failure and consumable usage leads to a massive increase in productivity. The torches are available in two different profiles, in two different lengths and with two different size front barrels for more or less gas coverage. These options are available because every welding job is different and has different challenges. By having these different profiles and sizes, this enables D/F to fit into any job with a neat and clean installation. These robust torches are fully water cooled internally and externally. The internal body of the torch is water cooled, thus putting the water cooling on the tip. This has increased tip life up to 14 times longer and eliminate burnbacks. Also, because the water cooling is on the tip, this enables customers to use our less expensive slip-in copper tips for many applications or use out heavy duty threaded tips for high amperage or preheat. The exterior water cooled nozzle is internally water cooled as well. There are no bulky external water lines in the way leading down getting caught or getting damaged by heat. Because of the superior internal and external water cooling of this torch, you can run the full range of wires from .030"-1/8". With new breakthroughs in intelligent power sources, wave forms and more people pulse welding, there is more and more heat being put directly into the contact tip. That is why you see the competitions torch overheating, having tip failures and having burnbacks. This is every more reason to use a D/F Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip barrel.  Whether your job is aluminum, steel, stainless steel, hard, cored, flux cored, stellite or inconel wire, whether your job has 1000 degree preheat, high deposition or continuous duty cycles, a D/F W/C to the tip barrel is the only solution.


    Improve productivity with the Direct Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 850 amp continuous duty cycle machine barrels for automatic welding systems. These torches receive their utilities at 90 degrees so that direct mounting can be accomplished. These torches have been specially designed to be mounted to and hang from the wire feeder and deposit more weld metal at fast travel speeds which eliminates bottlenecks and cuts costs.

    These heavy duty machine torches are designed for high current (up to 850 amps) single arc welding. Very similar in design to the great old Linde ST-12, the D/F Machine Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip barrels are designed to provide long trouble-free service. They are available in 9.250" and 12.250" lengths, and each length is available with our standard size nozzles (7/16" through 3/4" ID gas cups) and our high capacity (Series A) nozzles (11/16" through 1" ID gas cups) for more gas coverage. Mounting extensions are available for when more length and reach are needed. These barrels are capable of running the full range of wires through 1/8" for stainless steel, inconel, and aluminum wires, and 5/32" for hard/cored wires.


    The fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Remote Mount MIG Machine Torches are ideal for welding at currents up to 850 amps and large diameter wires. Remote mounting enables customers to get the wire feeder away from the pre-heat, torch heat, and the work. It also allows the torch to move independently from the wire feeder in any direction and the end user to access hard to reach areas. Furthermore, it allows for all of the utilities to be protected together inside a fire resistant sheath. These torches receive their utilities at 180 degrees so that remote mounting can be accomplished. In a remote application the torch is mounted anywhere from 2-15 feet away from the wire feeder.


    • Increases Contact Tip Life up to 14-to-1
    • Water-Cooling on the Tip
    • Water-Cooled Nozzle Assembly
    • Torch Longevity - Years vs. Months
    • Continuous Duty Cycles up to 1000° Preheat, 850 Amps
    • Easy Connection to All OEM Machines
    • Slip-In Or Threaded Contact Tip Models Available
    • .035”-1/8” Hard/Cored, 3/64”-1/8” Aluminum
    • In Stock Torches and Consumables 


    D/F Machine Specialties torches are designed and truly rated for 100% duty cycle (not 60%) production welding. The core of these designs come from a time when all the big-box manufacturers were selling 1000 amp power supplies. It takes a very robust torch to withstand 1000 amps or to work above 1000 degree preheat. All D/F torches were designed on this premise and will last years upon years rather than mere months. D/F currently has thousands of torches in circulation that have been run for over 20-30 years.


  • Gasless Overlay -Direct Mount Torch
    This hardfacing torch is designed to last for years and is ideal for single-head machines or multiple-head machines used with hardfacing applications in up to 900 degree preheat and wire diameters 7/64" & 1/8" (2.8mm & 3.2mm)....

  • The Open-Arc Water-Cooled Gasless Overlay Cladding Machine Torch is recommended for mechanized hardfacing applications where production demands the maximum durability and quality for multi-surfacing and rebuilding applications. This hardfacing torch is designed to last for years and is ideal for single-head machines or multiple-head machines used with hardfacing applications in up to 900 degree preheat. The Open-Arc Torch/Machine Barrel is primarily for hard/cored, metal-cored, & flux-cored wire diameters 7/64" & 1/8" (2.8mm & 3.2mm). The Open-Arc Machine Barrel offers a design that accommodates CrZr (chromium zirconium) heavy duty threaded current tips with a tip adapter nut. The suggested current level would be approximately 850 amperes (depending on application). Direct mounting is accomplished by utilizing interconnections to the welding head or wire drive.

    D/F is a leading provider of hardfacing torches for heavy steel fabrication in a wide range of industries, ideal for single-head overlay machines or multiple-head machines used with flux cored and metal cored large diameter wires.

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