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Sharonville,  OH  45241-2011

United States
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 Press Releases

  • DuBois Chemicals, a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer based in Sharonville, Ohio, is pleased to announce they have acquired Blue Star Lubrication Technology based in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Blue Star primarily serves the needs of the general manufacturing, steel, cement, mining and automotive industries. The company provides customers with high performance industrial lubricants i.e. specialty greases and gear oils, along with many other specialty lubricants and metalworking fluids that include forming fluids, rust preventive solutions, and straight oils. Blue Star combines top quality products with experienced technical support to customers throughout the United States and Canada.  Their current website is http://bluestarlt.com.

    DuBois CEO Jeff Welsh is excited about the unique solutions that Blue Star and DuBois can provide to their customers.  “We believe that this acquisition will allow us to increase our presence in significant customers and important segments. The expanded product line will also allow us to meet and exceed the expectations of current customers in new applications areas.” 

    Blue Star President & CEO Jeff Worth believes the acquisition will enhance DuBois’ product and service capabilities.  The addition of high performance lubricants and exceptional field support is a perfect fit for DuBois strategic quest to add more value to customers’ operations.

    This acquisition marks another important milestone in a growth strategy designed to make DuBois the preeminent supplier in the industrial specialty chemical market, and it reaffirms the commitment of DuBois’ investors at The Jordan Company to make DuBois a platform for growth.  Prior add-ons include Blendco, Perkins Products, Mitco, Galaxy Associates, Angler Industries, American Finishing Resources, Heatbath, C.A.R. Products, and Lynx Enterprises.

    Founded in 1920, DuBois provides specialty chemical solutions and services for the manufacturing and transportation industries in North America, and is expanding into selected market sectors around the world. The company is committed to building sustainable partnerships with customers that reduce total costs through the delivery of innovative solutions supported with local technical service. DuBois specializes in the areas of metal finishing/paint pretreatment, metalworking/lubricants, heat-treating salts/ quenchants, water/wastewater treatment, maintenance/equipment cleaning, paper chemicals, food processing cleaning/sanitizing, and automotive/transportation cleaning. For more information, please visit www.duboischemicals.com.


  • DuraLINK 500
    A new phosphate-free pretreatment engineered to be applied in the final stage of a 3-stage washer. This technology gives applicators the flexibility to choose a cleaner for Stage 1 matched to their unique soils, resulting in more efficient cleaning....

  • New Pretreatment Technology for 3-Stage Washers

    Using an iron phosphate cleaner/ coater in Stage 1 of a three stage washer to pretreat parts prior to powder coating or liquid painting has been standard practice for decades.  Cleaner/ coaters have a limited ability to degrease and are not capable of removing inorganic soils such as rust and mill scale. 

    For geographies where phosphates in wastewater streams are restricted or prohibited, phosphate-free zirconium based cleaner/ coaters are commercially available. However, these products have even greater cleaning limitations than conventional iron phosphate technology.  DuBois DuraLINK 500 is a new phosphate-free pretreatment technology engineered to be applied in the third stage.  This technology gives applicators the flexibility to choose a cleaner for Stage 1 that is matched to their unique soils, resulting in more efficient cleaning.

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