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  • DUSTOMAT 4 Series
    These mobile dust collectors are outstanding for direct extraction for individual or multiple processing machines for many dust types and shavings. The collection of dust can be designed flexible to the customers needs....

  • The fourth generation DUSTOMAT is suitable for collecting dry and free flowing dust, distinguished by its compact design. The new series combines compact dimensions with lower weight for better mobility and very high suction performance. The new design of the DUSTOMAT 4-series reduces internal pressure loss and optimizes the airflow which contributes to the overall performance improvement. Due to the reduced operating noise, the dust collector can be placed next to any workplace area. The DUSTOMAT 4 Series is suitable for individual applications or multiple processing machines with different options for capturing devices. The long lasting, non-disposable filters are cleaned completely automatic with a proven differential pressure controlled pulse jet system. The new generation not only offers better performance but the devices are also very easy to maintain.  
  • OILMAC - oil mist separators
    ESTA's new oil mist separators are specifically designed for the metal working industry. They effectively extract oil and emulsion mist that arises when cooling lubricant is used during lathing, milling drilling or grinding metal....

  • OILMAC devices are available in four performance levels with air volumes between 260-2,000 cfm.
    The key feature of the oil mist separator series is the smart three-stage filter system with outstanding separation performance. It ensures maximum filtration of 99.95 percent and therefore provides increased protection for workers and machines. The filtered air can be returned completely, draft free from the top of the processing machine into the work area, saving energy costs. Additionally, the separated cooling lubricants are cycled back into the machine through drains integrated on the filter housing. The compact space, space-saving design allows the separators to be quickly and easily attached to the processing with a hose or a pipe. Por precise extraction of oil or emulsion mist at individual workstations, an extraction arm can be attached to the device. The combination of several filter units along with a separately installed fan allows the OILMAC series to function as a central exrtaction unit for several suction points. The sound-insulated housing ensures low level operating noise and the use of high-quality filter media gives the new-generation OILMAC series a longer filter life. The main filters can be recycled and used again since they are washable, providing additional cost savings. The smart housing design with pivoting inlet and fan module allows access to the device's interior without the use of tools. This makes maintenance and filter changes fast and easy.  

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