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  • NEWINGTON, Conn., July 25, 2017-- As manufacturers explore new IoT products and green initiatives, the paper part traveler has become a target for improvement. A new product, the eTraveler aims to address this. The eTraveler system is a combination of wifi E Ink displays, an access point and software. The product is inexpensive, durable and reusable.

    Steve Chamberland, general manager at American Tool in Newington, was an early adopter of this technology. "Before the eTraveler system, I had to walk out on the floor to every machine and talk to every operator to know the true status of job progress. We already had time tracking software, and that's fine for assigning hours but there is more to running a shop than counting man hours. The eTraveler software lets me see the status of all machines at once, modify the priority of any shop order, see the status of all shop orders at once, the status of all operators at once, all without leaving my desk. I have the means to put a shop order on hold and that information is transmitted to the traveler effortlessly."

    The software is not a full ERP system. However, capability to interface to any SQL compliant ERP system was designed into the system from the start. has a link to show which ERP systems have currently been tested and implemented as well as which ones are in development.

    The eTraveler system was designed for any manufacturing process where a paper traveler can be used. Subassembly merging and sending work out for external processes has all been planned for.

    All of the pricing for the system is transparent and available right on The reason for the popularity of this traveler approach is its affordability. Setup instructions and videos are helpful and remote tech support is included in the cost of the software.

    These travelers use patented E Ink technology and all software and support for the product is sourced within the US.

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    Manufacturing continues the push for greener practices, having a Green Initiative is more important than ever. The utilization of IIoT electronic part travelers during manufacturing allows for a reduction in the consumption of resources....

  • Designed for the digitizing of complete data, eTraveler™ part travelers allow for real time operation and continuous updating. By centralizing digital information regarding work orders, inventory, and production, business operations are streamlined. Company manufacturing information can be accessed from a single location as well as remotely. Electronically managed part travelers create a synced work environment with the ability to share data across various departments. With this cloud based technology, tracking system resources and performance has never been simpler or more accurate.

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