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Gema is a pioneer in powder coating equipment technology, offering customers the confidence and expertise that comes with being the industry’s global leader. Equipment from Gema is durable, flexible and engineered to last, providing increased performance, greater efficiency, and a better return on investment. Gema sets the industry standard, developing the finest powder coating equipment available that is designed to maximize productivity and color change flexibility.

Gema’s product offerings include manual and automatic spray guns and booths, fast color change equipment, cartridge and cyclone recovery systems, gun movers, control systems and other ancillary equipment.

With its worldwide headquarters in St.Gallen, Switzerland, Gema has additional offices located in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France, China and Japan, along with a broad network of international distributors in more than 60 countries. Gema's worldwide service network guarantees professional support on-site, at any time and any place.

To learn more about product offerings or obtain assistance in determining which equipment is best for your operation, visit, email or call 800-628-0601.

 Press Releases

  • The new dynamic contour laser scanner by Gema is a sophisticated solution that allows a highly automated level of powder coating.

    The solution detects difficult object geometries, aligning each gun to the correct position to coat the most complex of components.

    The highlight of this solution is the ability for full detection of the object outline contour with a new laser scanning system.

    This intelligent component in combination with a corresponding master control unit with 3D processing software automatically translates object shapes and matches the coating parameters. It adjusts multi-axes equipped with guns accordingly to achieve outstanding application results on complex geometries. Therefore, manual coating operation is reduced to a minimum.

    The automated recognition of complex geometries on the front and rear of the object ensures outstanding coating results even on thin struts and projections. Customers also benefit from powder savings and a reduction in overspray.

  • The new RobotGun GM03-R by Gema is the efficient solution for high quality robot applications and an important key to easily manage complex coating requirements and a high degree of automation.

    The robot gun is equipped with a high voltage cascade that ensures outstanding and very precise coating results.

    The compact design with optimized TCP (Tool Center Point) makes the gun suitable for the operation with all standard robots and hollow wrist robots. The system integration is carried out by external gun triggering via digital contact from the robot control.

    The GM03-R can be used in combination with OptiSpray AP01 application pump technology or with injector technology.

    The RobotGun GM03-R series enables the operator to comply with highest quality expectations and allows increasing the productivity of the coating line.

  • Gema's new ZA13 vertical reciprocator, in combination with the new UA04 gun axis, guarantees perfect coating results for complex application tasks and difficult object geometries.

    The ZA13 vertical reciprocator has a loading capacity of up to 100 kg and can be equipped with max. 6 gun axes type UA04. The UA04 axis has a maximum stroke-length of 2200 mm and is therefore ideal for the coating of large parts.

    The modern drive technology of the UA04 axis with servo motor and toothed belt transmission allows pinpoint feed motion of the automatic guns as well as high dynamic of the infeed movement. As a result complex parts are coated in high quality and challenging application tasks are solved optimally.

    Other product highlights are the integrated cleaning function of the guns via blow-off for a clean working environment, along with the compact and space-saving design of both axes.

  • Gema’s OptiFlex®2 Spray manual units are designed for applications that require high film builds with precise and constant powder outputs, when using long powder hoses.

    The AP01 application pumps, in combination with the advanced electrostatics of the OptiSelect manual gun and the precise OptiStar gun control, make the OptiFlex2 Spray models a powerful application device that provides excellent coating consistency and quality. The OptiSpray AP01 application pump works with an innovative single-chamber design based on the SIT (Smart Inline Technology) concept. This configuration guarantees constant and reproducible coating results over a long period of time, even with challenging powders.

    The OptiFlex 2 Spray series is available in two different model versions: 

    - The OptiFlex2 B Spray model which conveys powder directly from the original box

    - The OptiFlex2 F Spray model that transports powder from a fluidized powder hopper


  • Gema RobotGun GM03-R Series
    Gema’s RobotGun allows for easy management of complex coating requirements with a high degree of automation. Providing repeatable and constant high quality coating results, the new RobotGun saves money and increases productivity....

  • The Gema RobotGun GM03-R Series is the compact, versatile and efficient solution for high-quality robot applications. The RobotGun allows for easy management of complex coating requirements with a high degree of automation. Using an optimized Tool Center Point (TCP), the RobotGun distinguishes itself with a compact design offering very precise application and excellent penetration results. In combination with the OptiSpray application pump technology, the RobotGun enables the operator to comply with the highest of quality expectations and allows the achievement of repeatable and constant coating results. Easily integrated into robot application systems, the RobotGun solution saves money and increases the productivity of the coating line. The gun is compatible with standard robots and hollow wrist robots.

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