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AMADA is the leader in developing new technologies to ensure maximum productivity and profitability of American manufacturers. 

Since its inception, AMADA AMERICA, Inc. has provided manufacturers with innovative, productivity-enhancing sheet metal machines, including fiber/CO2 lasers, turret punch presses, press brakes, automation systems, and software. We accomplish this by carefully listening to the voice of our customers and engineering machine solutions that solve their sheet metal fabrication needs. Additionally, AMADA supports its customers with high-tech facilities throughout the U.S. that provide custom machine demonstrations, advanced technical training, and R&D for new manufacturing processes.

In February of 2013, AMADA opened a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility in Brea, California. This 180,000 sq. ft. facility is one of AMADA's mainstay production plants — providing localized, world class manufacturing of lasers and automated systems.

AMADA AMERICA, INC. was established in Seattle, Washington, in 1971 and has been located in California since 1973. Its company headquarters are located in Buena Park, California. 


  • ENSIS 3015 RI
    3kW Fiber Laser Cutting System with Rotary Index...

  • AMADA engineered the ENSIS 3015 RI to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently transition from flat sheet to tube or pipe cutting. Incorporating fiber laser cutting technology into the machine design helps users process a variety of tubing and pipe with greater speeds compared to a CO2 system.

    On the ENSIS RI, AMADA goes a step further with their fiber laser cutting technology by adding a unique feature called ENSIS. ENSIS Technology allows the laser beam to variably change based on the material thickness. This special ability helps ensure superior edge quality in thicker materials while requiring less power output.

    The Rotary Index is an integrated unit, allowing the cutting head to be positioned near the chuck— minimizing the dead zone. Bowed pipe or tubing can now be cut without vibration while maintaining accuracy from end to end.

    The ENSIS RI can process round, square, rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron, making it the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available. Many common shapes and configurations are already pre-programmed making it very easy to fabricate tubular structures that fit together for welding.

  • LCG 3015 AJ
    9kW Fiber Laser Cutting System with Automated Material Handling...

  • Demonstrating the expanded range of AMADA's proven fiber laser technology, the LCG 3015 AJ will exhibit 9kW of fiber laser cutting power. This high-capacity fiber laser allows fabricators to process thin-to-thick materials at unprecedented levels of efficiency.

    Combining AMADA's fiber laser technology with an innovative drive system allows the LCG AJ to produce high-quality parts at extremely fast cutting speeds. The cutting head is propelled by a helical rack-and-pinion drive system that achieves the accelerations and rapid traverse speeds of more expensive linear drive motion systems.

    The LCG AJ is controlled with AMADA’s AMNC 3i Control, which features an easy-to-use interface and large touchscreen display.

    To further maximize productivity levels, the LCG AJ will feature AMADA's newest AMS CLT Automation Tower. The AMS CLT features multiple shelves that allow users to automate material handling and realize 24/7 operation. This system’s modular design can be customized to fit your production requirements and quickly be expanded to enhance its material handling capabilities — including the ability to support multiple lasers.

  • LC 2515 C1 AJ
    Turret Punch Press/Fiber Laser Combination Machine with Automated Material Handling...

  • The LC 2515 C1 AJ was engineered for high-speed productivity — combining the forces of a 22-ton turret punch press with the flexibility of a 2kW fiber laser. Processes such as tapping, forming, and laser cutting can all be performed on this innovative system to maximize part accuracy and machine productivity.

    By adding AMADA’s fiber laser cutting technology into this combination system, fabricators can process parts faster compared to punch/CO2 laser combination machines. The laser head moves in the Y-axis via a direct-drive servomechanism for maximum speed and accuracy and is isolated from punching vibration to help maintain beam integrity and cut quality.

    LC C1 AJ features a 44-station MPT (Multi-Purpose Turret) that includes four tapping tool stations to reduce secondary operations. Additionally, a brush table ensures scratch-free part processing and reduces noise levels.

    An ASR 3015N TK Automation System makes 24/7 operation on the LC C1 AJ a reality. Its compact tower design achieves valuable floor space savings while providing reliable material storage and handling. Multiple shelves allow the flexibility to produce smaller lot sizes in a variety of material types and thicknesses. In addition, an integrated TK (Take Out) System provides automated single-part separation and sorting.

  • HG 1003 ARs
    Integrated Robotic Bending System...

  • AMADA’s HG 1003 ARs utilizes the combined forces of an ultra-precise press brake and a multi-axis robot to achieve unmanned bending operations.

    This automated bending system seamlessly integrates a 6-axis robot, Automatic Gripper Changer, and Automatic Tool Changer with patented AMADA tooling. The Automatic Tool Changer was designed to integrate exclusively with AMADA press brakes and eliminate costly delays associated with manual tool changes. The simplified design of the HG ARs allows operators to quickly and efficiently utilize this bending system. Each stage of the bending process, including tool loading, gripper exchange, and robotic bending, are all performed at fast speeds to achieve high levels of unmanned machine productivity.

    An integrated camera system helps the robot accurately pick up parts during loading. Any small positioning discrepancy can be detected and compensated for to ensure precise bending operations.

    Other standard features on the HG ARs include an AMNC 3i touchscreen control, an integrated bend sensor that guarantees consistent bend angle accuracy, and a servo/hydraulic drive system that offers high precision and consumes less energy than a conventional hydraulic press brake.

  • HG 1003 ATC
    Servo/Hydraulic Press Brake with Patented Automatic Tool Changer...

  • AMADA engineered the HG 1003 ATC as an ideal solution for variable lot sizes and complex tool layouts. This integrated bending system is equipped with AMADA's patented tool changer that drastically reduces tool loading times to just a few minutes. The HG ATC can triple or quadruple the amount of tool setups performed each day allowing operators to quickly produce a variety of parts and assemblies. Also, this integrated system helps fabricators realize on-demand bending, which gives you the ability to seamlessly introduce rush jobs.

    The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) can store 86.6' (26.4 m) of patented, high-precision tooling. Four tool loaders ensure that punches and dies are placed quickly and accurately along the length of the press brake. Tooling can also be installed in reverse orientation.

    Many factors were considered in the engineering of the ATC tooling system — including tool balance, verticality, and acute tolerances. In addition to the standard requirements of press brake tooling, AMADA's patented tooling design accounts for motion during loading/unloading and accurate punch tip alignment, which is magnified depending on the height of the tool. These crucial tooling characteristics were thoroughly tested and attained by leveraging new tool manufacturing methods to ensure accurate, repeatable, and rapid tool changes with the ATC.

    Other standard features on the HG ATC include an AMNC 3i touchscreen control, an integrated bend sensor that guarantees consistent bend angle accuracy, and a servo/hydraulic drive system that offers high bending precision and consumes less energy than a conventional hydraulic press brake.

  • HM 1003
    High-Precision Hydraulic Press Brake...

  • The HM 1003 is the latest addition to AMADA's press brake lineup that offers an exceptional price/performance ratio. This 110-ton press brake features a hydraulic proportional valve to ensure that parts are produced efficiently and accurately.

    An AMNCv5 touchscreen control with graphical interface allows operators to retrieve programs generated with AMADA’s programming software. Dr.ABE_Bend Software allows parts to be verified offline in a 3D environment before beginning production. Bending programs include 3D part information, tool data, and bend sequence. Programs are stored locally on a server and are fully compatible with AMADA’s HG and HD Series of press brakes. Through offline programming, fabricators can eliminate guesswork at the machine and significantly reducing setup times.

  • EG 4010
    Compact and Fast Servo-Electric Press Brake...

  • The EG 4010 is an ideal compact press brake solution to produce small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision. A key feature of the EG is its high-speed Dual Servo Power (DSP) Drive System. Two AC-servo motors allow the EG to reach high approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times.

    Productivity enhancing features on the EG include an AMNC 3i Touchscreen Control, a multi-axis backgauge with L-Shift functionality, and an optional integrated sensor (Bi-S) that ensures bend angle accuracy and helps eliminate trial bends.

    The EG 4010 offers a precise, energy-efficient bending solution in an extremely compact footprint.

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