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Automated Tapping Systems is the only In-Die Tapping Unit manufacturer with over 45 years’ experience and built in the USA! From our inception ATS has been the worldwide leader in In-Die tapping technologies. From our original of TH21 series, TH31 and TH41 units, through the redesigned TH25, TH35 and TH45 series and now the SV45, SV55 and SV65 series servo driven units, ATS has always been first through Innovation not imitation.

Our direct line engineering and manufacturing approach allows us the build custom tapping units in weeks rather than months. All ATS tapping units come with complimentary die review. ATS engineers are available forWebEx meetings at your convenience.

The following is a list of the ATS innovations:

1965- ATS develops the first commercially available In-Die Tapping unit, the TH21 series. This unit utilized three camshafts or drivers.

1975- The launch of the “Quick Change” complete lead screw assembly. 

1980- The TH31 series is developed, this allowed for larger tap sizes.

1988- Bottom up tapping units. Developed to help reduce stripper travels and facilitate the tapping of more complex parts.   

1989- The TH41 series, for even larger diameter taps.

1994- The Rapid Advance complete lead screw assembly. 

2000- The Strip Follower is released. This revolutionary breakthrough invigorated the In-Die Tapping industry by eliminating long stripper travels and increasing SPM rates.

2006- The tap sensor.  

2008- ATS releases the servo driven IDT unit.

2011- ATS Air clamp.

2012- ATS releases the 2nd generation of Servo driven IDT units. 

2014- ATS announces the Dual axis servo controller. 

2016- The SV55 and SV65 servo IDT units are released. 

2017- SP1 connector.

Why deal with others who "follow along" when you can deal those who Innovate?

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