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MC Machinery Systems customers get the best of both worlds: A single source for a diverse arsenal of manufacturing technologies and our expansive and knowledgeable support network. Our expertise spans virtually every aspect of metalworking—from simple fabrication to CNC-driven, automated manufacturing cells.

We introduced our first commercial laser cutting machine in 1977, and we’ve been improving the technology ever since. Mitsubishi Laser designs, manufactures, and performance-matched every critical laser-cutting component to the highest standards—in the most demanding environments. From small job shops making the first move toward laser machines to sophisticated laser automation cells, we’ve got solutions and support that surpass the rest.

Mitsubishi automation is for everyone from small fabrication shops to massive lights-out operations, our laser automation experts will work with you to determine the right combination of machines, storage towers, product carts and break-in stations. And because Mitsubishi Laser automation is modular and flexible, we can grow with you. Thanks to our wide range of options—including configurations that require 30 percent less floor space than typical laser automation setups—we have solutions for any application.

If you cut you must bend. Choose from two types of electric press brakes—the BB series, driven by an AC servo motor and ball screw mechanism and the BH series, which uses an AC servo motor, ball screw drive, and hydraulics.

BB series press brakes offer high-speed ram and high-precision repeatability (± 0.001mm). The ball screw drive enables near-instant acceleration between high and low speeds, resulting in an extremely quick machine. With standard features such as Automatic Thickness Detection, the BB Series offers clean and quiet high performance with the utmost in accuracy.

The Dual Drive System of the BH series press brake separately controls high-speed up-and-down movement at 200mm/sec and stable repeat-stop accuracy. Like the quick BB machines, the BH Hybrid ball screws reach 200mm/s far faster than a hydraulic valve machine resulting in the most cycles per minute available.


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  • (Oct 01, 2018)
    Get off your feet for a bit and grab a beer at Mitsubishi booth B6329!
  • (Oct 01, 2018)
    Raffle for an iPad and AirPods! Just stop by Mitsubishi booth B6329 and have your badge scanned to be entered.

 Press Releases

  • Don’t miss the latest fabricating machines MC Machinery Systems, Inc. has to offer by visiting booth B6329 at this year’s FABTECH show. Held November 6-8, 2018 in Atlanta, MC Machinery will display new laser processing systems, press brakes, and have live web demonstrations of remote360, MC Machinery’s remote monitoring and support solution.

    New additions to the fiber laser lineup

    The Advanced 800 eX-F Series is the new flagship for the fiber laser line incorporating the all-new M800 control with enhanced industry-leading functionality. In line with Industry 4.0, real-time process, consumption, and service monitoring give the M800 control the most accurate data management to date. This provides customers with the tools they need to improve green light efficacy and reduce service downtime. Processing speeds up to 100m per minute are now possible, while also improving part accuracy and reducing processing time.

    The machine comes standard with Mitsubishi’s all-in-one Zoom Head, which utilizes beam mode manipulation to process a full range of materials automatically without any setup.

    Along with the Advanced 800 eX-F Series machine, the SR-F 4kW fiber laser with SmartFlex ELEMENT automation will also be on display. Unsurpassed quality and speed at a great price point are what launched this newest laser to the front of the fiber laser game. Paired with the SmartFlex ELEMENT automation system, users can benefit from maximum versatility and throughput.

    The latest offering in press brake

    MC Machinery introduces the new BB and BH series press brakes with a next-generation control. This new control delivers an even friendlier user interface with greater ease of use, reduced set-up times and increased processing speeds. Control features include:

    • 22-inch Windows-based monitor
    • 30 percent enhanced cycle times
    • 3D graphical interface

    Another booth highlight will be InspecVision, MC Machinery’s new 2D and 3D measurement system. The 2D system can be used to quickly measure or reverse engineering flat parts that have been manufactured on laser, plasma and waterjet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts.

  • Cary Teeple has joined the MC Machinery team as the National Sales Manager for Forming. His responsibilities will include working directly with the regional managers and dealers on a national level, working internally with product development, as well as marketing and sales to increase market share.

    “We are excited to have Cary in this role”, says Shane Herendeen, North American Sales Manager. “His vast knowledge in the forming sector and commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction will continue positioning MC Machinery as an advanced machining partner.”

    Prior to joining MC Machinery, Teeple was the National Sales Manager for a large manufacturing company. With 26 years of experience in the field, Cary has the skill set needed to excel in this new role.

    “The combination of products, service, and people at MC Machinery is the best I have found in the industry,” says Teeple. “I am really looking forward to a bright and exciting future.”

    If you want to learn more about MC Machinery’s services and products or have any questions, you can contact Teeple at (630) 616-4068.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, an established MC Machinery automation solutions partner, has announced the acquisition of ASTES4 SA (ASTES4), a company based in Switzerland that is engaged in the development, production, and sales of patented automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines.

    By acquiring ASTES4, Mitsubishi Electric will support MC Machinery in further strengthening its lineup of automation systems with sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing. This will provide our valued customers with integrated solutions that require less manual loading, unloading and sorting to realize higher productivity and efficiency. The company aims to further expand its worldwide business through this acquisition.

    “This acquisition by our global partner Mitsubishi Electric is exciting to us at MC Machinery because it means our customers now have direct access to a premium sorting solution for their laser automation needs,” says Shane Herendeen, North America sales manager for fabrication at MC Machinery. “Shops of all sizes are requiring more speed and agility to get the job done and sorting can be a bottleneck if you don’t have the right solution in place.”

    Sheet metal laser processing involves loading the material, laser cutting, unloading cut materials as well as removing and sorting cut parts from the frame. Lately, the worldwide demand for such sorting solutions is on the rise. ASTES4 provides flexible automated sorting solutions using its own patented technology with superior system engineering capabilities that can integrate the entire automation system.

     “We are looking forward to incorporating the premier patented technology of ASTES4 with our industry-leading automation systems sold in North America,” says Herendeen. “Our automation customers already have an advantage and it’s very exciting to be a part of what we feel is the best “next step” in the process.”

  • MC Machinery, an industry leader in high-precision wire and sinker EDM, 2D and 3D laser, milling, and press brake machines, announced the appointment of Black Rock Machinery, LLC, as the new distributor of Mitsubishi Laser in Kansas and Missouri.

    Founded in 2005 by Mitch Brown and Don Patterson, Black Rock Machinery is a machine tool distributor specialized in fabrication machinery for the metalworking industry. The company covers Kansas and Missouri for both new and used machinery. It sells and services fabrication machinery for structural, plate, sheet metal, and coil steel through thermal cutting, punching, bending, sawing, shearing and other process methods.

    “MC Machinery’s reputation in terms of production and service made this an easy partnership decision,” says Brown. “We’re delighted to partner with them to continue serving our customers with the latest laser machining technology.”

    Black Rock Machinery will distribute all of Mitsubishi Laser’s product offerings.

    “We are excited to have Black Rock Machinery represent us in the states of Kansas and Missouri,” says Bill Coleman, Midwest regional sales manager. “Their company philosophy is a perfect match to what MC Machinery expects in a distributor.”

    Kansas and Missouri customers can contact Mitch Brown and Don Patterson directly via email or phone to answer any sales or service questions. Contact details below.

    Mitch Brown - (316) 640-5893 -

    Don patterson - (913) 558-2121 -

  • Nitrogen in laser cutting continues to be a prominent topic of conversation in the industry as more shops expand their laser cutting capacity. When MC Machinery customers purchase a Mitsubishi Laser machine, a question that often comes up is “What nitrogen system should be used?”. There isn’t one right answer to this question – it depends on what the customer is looking to achieve.

    To help dig deeper into this topic, Hank White, National Product Manager for Mitsubishi Laser, will run through a couple of factors to keep in mind when looking for the right nitrogen system.

    Purity Level

    The purity of the nitrogen gas varies. A typical laser cut application may not require the best purity levels when it comes to gas assist, but certain machine elements can benefit from high purity levels. One reason shops may use high purity levels is to help prevent discoloration on the cutting edge. As you go up in purity, you lose flow rate out of the nitrogen generation system. Conversely, if you go up in flow rate, you lose purity. To achieve a higher flow rate and purity, you need a larger nitrogen generator.


    The key is sizing the system correctly. It’s best to size a nitrogen generation system for the vast majority of your nitrogen needs. A system that is too small can’t keep up with the nitrogen demands, and a system that is too large will only drive up the initial cost. Today nitrogen-generation system manufacturers can tailor the equipment to the shop based on the number of laser cutting machines, type of materials being cut, the thickness of those materials, and the different nozzles and pressures being used throughout a shift.


    It’s important to note that a higher purity level may call for a more expensive nitrogen generating system. An in-house generator separates nitrogen and oxygen from the air and can often be the most efficient and economical method of supplying nitrogen. The on-site system generates nitrogen at a pressure and flow rate required for the application, on demand, so no gas is wasted.

    Nitrogen gas generators allow companies to take control of their own gas supply and reduce costs considerably, but a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t work in the diverse field of laser cutting. At MC Machinery we are happy to guide you on the right path in discovering the best solution for your needs.


  • SmartFlex ELEMENT
    The new SmartFlex ELEMENT laser automation system is one of our most space-saving layouts (Approx. 50’x12’), combines a fast, fully automated load/unload with features such as automatic sheet thickness detection and sheet separation....

  • We are proud to announce our new ELEMENT laser automation system to the SmartFlex line. This, one of our most space-saving layouts (Approx. 50’x12’), combines a fast, fully automated load/ unload with features such as automatic sheet thickness detection and sheet separation. An optional second raw material pallet can further enhance the already impressive capability. With a full cycle time of 69 seconds and a robust ¾” material capacity, the SmartFlex ELEMENT is a cost-effective way to dramatically increase the productivity of your new Mitsubishi laser. 

  • BB/BH Series Press Brakes
    Whether it’s the all-electric BB Series or the BH Series with the latest generation in hybrid technology, our press brakes provide unmatched speed and accuracy....

  • Whether it’s the all-electric BB Series or the BH Series with the latest generation in hybrid technology, our press brakes provide unmatched speed and accuracy. Our smart, value-added features and options, plus industry-leading service and support, ensure that with MC Machinery, the right press brake is always within reach. Now with One Touch quick-change holders and a new 22-inch monitor, you’ll benefit from 30 percent faster-processing speeds.

    You can count on the BB 4013 press brake to ensure solid performance and ± 0.001mm repeatability. Whether you are an experienced operator or new to bending, the advanced operator support features of the BB Series will deliver the right information at the right time. Look forward to achieving:
    • High-speed movement
    • One-micron ram positioning accuracy
    • World class productivity

    VIDERE BB 6020
    The VIDERE operator support system brings the ability to view DXF files, 3D model, bending simulation, part orientation and tool location to the industry-leading BB and BH Series. We are
    making it easier to bridge the gap between man and technology for today’s manufacturers.

    The BH 1353 machine appeals to shops that require lightning-fast speed, high-precision parts, and extraordinary reliability. You can count on the BH Series for the quickest and most accurate brakes available due to the:
    • Cutting edge Dual Drive System
    • Cost efficient operation
    • Fastest ram cycle time in the Industry

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