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  • Isolating Device for welding
    Are you always being mindful of where you place an electrode/stinger after finishing a weld so it does not arc again? Received a tingle or “boot” when changing electrodes? Why not try the isolated method of the ZRID device when not welding?...

  • A true Deadman Switch that automatically isolates the output of the welding machine when the welding arc is broken. Initiation of the welding arc is back in the user’s hand via a trigger. No need to find a low resistive path as full welding OCV is present, after trigger activation, for a predetermined time. If no welding arc is maintained during this period then the ZRID device will automatically turn off the welding output.

    The ZRID unit can be used on all different welding processes not just Stick/MMA/SMAW and complies with International Welding Standards IEC 60974.1 (ANSI 60974.1).

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