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    AXXAIR, founded in 1997 by Mr. Frédéric LEGRAND is specialized in orbital tube working machines. The beginning of the adventure became immediately international with the establishment of a solid worldwide distribution network.

    Today AXXAIR has 3 subsidiaries, in South Korea, Germany and the United States, and a sub subsidiary in China. Having a network of more than 40 distributors worldwide, AXXAIR and its 52 employees continue to evolve over time. The group has now become one of the leaders in orbital solutions market.

    Originally from Drôme, AXXAIR celebrated for the first time its 20 years anniversary in September 2017 at the "Schweißen und Schneiden" fair in Germany. A privileged moment for its international distributors, AXXAIR shared a private party to celebrate its birthday.

    Then on May 21 and 22, 2018, this exceptional occasion continued. First of all, Mr. and Mrs. LEGRAND took their 52 employees to the south of France for an "electric bike" activity and an evening on a private catamaran to reward the group for having contributed to the development of AXXAIR for the last 20 years. As Mr. Legrand said, "You need skills in the business, but you need energy and happiness to make it work, and happiness we try to create it every day."

    The second day, the event continued, at AXXAIR’s headquarters in Etoile-sur-Rhône. The sales team from France and the collaborators from different subsidiaries (South Korea, Germany, China and the USA) started the day with a Sales Meeting, full of exciting discussions on the overall strategy of the company.

    Then, the official evening took place - AXXAIR welcomed more than 150 guests to the event. The guests came from different backgrounds: customers, suppliers, bankers, partners and friends. After a guided tour through the various departments of the company, the guests spent a friendly evening under the tent of 250m 2 installed for this event. AXXAIR also took the opportunity to officially inaugurate its new buildings and award trophies to partners and collaborators present since its beginnings. It was in 2017 that AXXAIR extended its premises: an extension of more than 600 m2 has been built. AXXAIR wants to develop more and be more reactive, that's why its assembly workshop has doubled its surface.

    AXXAIR, a company with strong founding values, it promotes quality, performance and innovation - but not only! The Mayor of Etoile sur Rhône, Mrs. Françoise CHAZAL spoke at the inauguration: "It's the ambiance that takes over in your company ... The city shines internationally thanks to AXXAIR ... AXXAIR has many values, values of sharing, competence and autonomy.” Thanks to these strong values, the company and its employees have established trusting relationships with their different customers over the last 20 years. And the AXXAIRIENS are not ready to stop!

    To learn out more about our activities and more specifically about orbital TIG welding, download our ebook.

  • Orbital TIG welding is a welding process that requires a high level of competence and experience in order to produce great results . But it is quite difficult to count only on the experience and the skill of the welders to realise these kinds of welds, when productivity is required in addition to high quality welds. Automated welding with Axxair welding equipment offers a good solution when striving for these standards. In this article you will read more about the advantages and disadvantages of automated orbital welding.

    What are the advantages of automated orbital TIG welding?


    You obtain a much better quality by automated TIG welding compared to manual welding. Welds produced manually are not always of a poor quality, but the number of discarded tubes / defects is higher compared to TIG welding.


    Using an orbital welding equipment is possible without a long and tedious training. You do not need to bean accomplished welder to proceed to orbital welding. Training sessions are typically much shorter and easier compared to those of a specialized welder. This means a gain in terms of labour costs and in deploying the welding teams.


    Automated orbital TIG welding provides you with a better productivity compared to manual welding. The welding tasks can be registered and repeated any time it will be necessary. When you make a weld manually, a variety of factors have direct influence over it, whereas with automated TIG welding, the welds can be repeated by the equipment as often as required in the future.


    Orbital welding equipment allows welding in all situations: confined spaces, lack of visibility, high-risk environments. Welding can be performed from a remote location and a special welding camera can be added to the equipment, reducing any risk for the operators.


    Orbital welding equipment allows great recording of each weld. Every welding parameter is registered, the welds can be repeated any time by means of the data acquisition of each weld.


    Yes, orbital TIG welding requires an investment if you want to automatize welding, but the return on investment is achieved quickly by the high quality of the welds that automated welding provides, as well as the increase in productivity.

  • Read the article on AXXAIR's website: 

    The research and development centre of AXXAIR has always addressed the research activities in order to provide you with an easy to use equipment, combined with high productivity standards and security levels. The quest of efficiency and perfection guides us every day.

    Discover the 4 main reasons which will make your decision for the choice of an AXXAIR orbital cutting system:

    The orbital cutting machines from AXXAIR are equipped with a concentric clamping device

    Conversely to clamping equipment using a vice, the concentric clamping is delicate and strong at the same time. This device is equipped with 3 to 16 jaws according to the diameters of the tubes that have to be cut and then welded with orbital equipment. Generally, the stainless steel tube have a thickness of maximum 3 mm. This means that in industrial sectors such as vineyards, dairy and pharmaceutical sector, as well as in the food industry, these tubes are largely represented according to the current European standards.

    These tubes are particularly thin. If you use a vice, it will distort the tube. This tube cannot be repaired and becomes scrap. The orbital cutting machines from AXXAIR are distinguished by the innovative concept of concentric clamping, even permitting to repair an oval shape of a tube. .

    If you use a clamping system with 4 jaws, they will be placed:

    • at 0°
    • at 90°
    • at 180°
    • and at 270.

    In this way, the tube does not suffer and it will not be weakened.

    Stainless steel clamping

    The concentric clamping systems from AXXAIR are equipped with basic jaws. They are fixed to columns which move close to the tube and then clamp them.

    Why did we choose stainless steel for the jaws? The answer is quite simple. Any other material than stainless steel would pollute the tube after a certain time of functioning. In order to guarantee a perfect protection towards these external attacks - for instance corrosion, the protection of food or any liquid routed inside the tube – only stainless steel is largely recommended, not to say mandatory.

    The basic jaws equip AXXAIR orbital cutting machines. When using AXXAIR equipment, you will have no damage or loss in productivity.

    Penetration of the material without incidence: a revolution for metal clamping

    This is a very important point that has been considered by the engineers of the research and development department at AXXAIR.

    How can we penetrate the stainless steel tube with the orbital cutting tool in a delicate and regular way ? It is really very simple by means of a lever.

    Once the tube is clamped between the jaws you just have to actuate the lever in order to enter the blade into the tube. Afterwards, the wheel is rotated by 360° degrees, in a smooth, progressive and fluid manner. In this way, the blade does not get damaged. Its lifetime is extended for about 150 to 200 cuts when using tube < 3mm wall thickness. Afterwards, the cut is continued by an engine equipped with a speed controller for a smooth and regular penetration.

    So why do we say that there is no impact? In fact, the user does not have the same approach with this compounded lever and the blade does not slam into the tube but penetrates it softly.

    Why orbital cutting is such a soft process?

    The answer is easy to find: the rotation wheel.

    A small black wheel enables a 360° rotation around the tube in a regular way. Normally it is very difficult to obtain a straight and clean cut without maintaining the tube in a very strong way.

    The blade progresses in a regular way thanks to this rotation wheel. The engine handles the smooth movement of the orbital cut in an optimal way.

    You have all good reasons to choose AXXAIR orbital cutting systems.

    Contact our team to ask for a free demonstration of our orbital cutting machines or download our catalogues!


  • SXMF-17
    Microfit orbital weld head up to 5/8"...

  • We will be pleased to show you AXXAIR's complete range of obital cutting and welding equipment dedicated to process piping applications.

    The new AXXAIR automatic rotation SAEX-00, the new AXXAIR microfit weld head SXMF-17 for semiconductor applications will be part of the new AXXAIR products to see at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

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