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Steelmax Tools is a leading supplier of high-quality steel fabrication tools and accessories throughout North, Central and South America.  Knowledgeable professionals, rigorously tested tools and accessories and exceptional after-sale support are Steelmax hallmarks.

Steelmax solutions are used around the world and are a first choice for shipbuilders, structural steel fabricators, vessel manufacturers and general fabricators of all kinds.  Our product portfolio encompasses a broad range of fabrication solutions –metal cutting saws and blades, mag drills and annular cutters, hydraulic punches, weld prep for both plate and pipe and our widely-used RUNNER© family of trackless and track-mounted welding mechanization systems.

With locations in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Sao Paolo, Brazil, we are open and available when and where our customers need us.  Whether it is a new order or support for previously purchased tools, Steelmax is committed to providing prompt, personal and professional service.

Steelmax is focused on the professional market and we sell through a large network of authorized wholesalers and distributors in the welding and industrial supply channels.


  • SBM500 Stationary Beveling Machine
    The SBM500 from Steelmax is a robust solution for beveling and deburring steel plate, angle, square/rectangular tubing and pipe. The SBM500 produces accurately milled weld preparations making part fit-up and root gap dimensions extremely precise....

  • The Steelmax SBM500 is a robust and efficient solution for beveling and deburring steel plate, angle, square/rectangular tubing and pipe.  The SBM500 features a high-speed rotary milling head with carbide inserts that produces a clean, milled surface without thermal distortion or a heat affected zone. Variable feed rates and precise milling head speed control produce repeatable and accurately milled weld preparations in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials; improving part fit-up resulting in better welds. Accurate weld preparation reduces over welding, defect repair and production time, significantly lowering production costs. With the capacity to produce bevels up to 1-3/16” wide on plate up to 4” thick, the SBM500 is a unique solution for fabricators that need a high throughput beveling solution.
  • ABM50 Double Side Plate Beveling Machine
    Steelmax introduces the new and improved ABM50 Double Sided beveling machine. A digital display provides precise control of bevel geometry and full digital control of milling head and travel speed. A maximum productivity machine....

  • The Steelmax ABM50 produces accurate high-quality, machined bevels on plate up to 2” wide.  Using a rotary milling head with replaceable carbide inserts, the ABM50 is able to bevel plate from ¼” up to 2-3/4” thick.  Infinitely adjustable bevel angle settings from 15 to 60 degrees require no tooling change.  A digital display provides precise control of bevel geometry.  Full digital control of milling head and machine travel speed gives the user flexibility and insures optimal performance when beveling a variety of steels from mild steel to very high tensile strength materials.

    The ABM50 employs a unique 3D trolley which allows the machine to be quickly inverted to create double-sided X- or K-bevels – eliminating the need to flip the material – improving operational safety and increasing productivity – saving a significant amount of time and labor. The 3D Trolley features vertical height adjustment and floating compensation for uneven floors.

  • ABM-1218 FR Plate & Pipe Beveling Machine
    The ABM-1218 FR, a new shearing style beveling machine from Steelmax offers increased capacity and productivity. Produce top and bottom bevels ½” wide in a single pass, and a max capacity of ¾” wide and 8.5 feet per minute without flipping the material....

  • The Steelmax ABM-1218 FR creates weld-ready bevels on flat plates and round tubes up to 85,000 psi tensile strength.  The ABM-1218 FR uses a shearing style process that is silent and fast, beveling at travel speeds up to 8.5 feet per minute.  Featuring a 3-horse power motor, it is the most powerful machine in its class which allows the machine to produce a ½” wide bevel in a single pass and has a maximum capacity of ¾”.  Interchangeable bevel angle attachments produce 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 37.5, and 45-degree bevels. This lightweight machine is easily inverted to bevel the underside of the plate for creation of X- and K-bevels without flipping the plate. The ABM-1218 FR produces no smoke or dust and is extremely quiet. It will not distort the plate or create a heat affected zone.

  • Eco Runner Portable Fillet Welding Carriage
    The Eco Runner from Steelmax. The most compact and affordable fillet welding carriage on the market today. This battery powered carriage is highly portable and ideal for use in the field or in the shop and any space restricted area....

  • Increase your production and reduce your welding costs with the Eco Runner Automatic Fillet Welding Carriage; the most compact and affordable fillet welding carriage on the market today. By providing constant, non-stop travel at a regulated speed, Eco Runner produces consistent high-quality welds in a fraction of the time required by hand welding. The regulated travel speed creates weld bead geometry which is exact to your specifications, reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage by as much as 60%. Eco Runner will produce quality welds faster and with less cost than hand welding. 
  • Rail Runner LT Modular Cutting & Welding Carriage
    Introducing the Rail Runner LT from Steelmax. This modular rail mounted carriage is ideal for automating simple straight-line cutting and welding processes. Digital speed readout and closed loop feedback make it easy to perform repeatable processes....

  • The Rail Runner LT is a compact, modular, mechanized carriage which can be custom configured for a variety of welding, thermal cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe. By utilizing a magnetic guide rail and positive rack and pinion drive, the system can be utilized in all welding positions.  A digital display with numeric representation for travel speed makes presetting the optimum welding or cutting procedure simple and highly repeatable.

    The Rail Runner LT increases arc-on time and produces consistent, high-quality welds and cuts in a fraction of the time required by manual operations. 

  • Stand Alone Pendulum Oscillator
    Steelmax introduces a stand-alone pendulum oscillator to its line of welding mechanization solutions. This oscillator is ideal for MIG/MAG processes in pipeline and bridge construction, shipbuilding and tank welding and heavy fabrication applications....

  • The new stand-alone oscillator system from Steelmax adds capability and flexibility to your welding operations.  Used in conjunction with existing fixed automation systems, trackless or track-mounted welding carriages or on its own, this lightweight, compact weaver provides full control of oscillation speed and width as well as right and left dwell times.

    Both manual and automatic modes are available to accommodate a wide range of welding applications.  Manual mode when the oscillator is not part of a more complex system and automatic when it is integrated into a larger system.  Oscillation parameters are controlled by four easily accessible knobs in a simple control panel design.  A rugged, stand-alone base is also available when the oscillator is used as an independent system such as in welding pipe flanges.

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