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MetalFinish’s mantra, “WORKING ON YOUR EDGE” speaks to the core of our business. We do two things: we provide a wide range of sheet metal finishing product for all types of volume and budgets to meet your application and we serve a real tiny niche of the market with 3 specialty forming products.  We work hard to simplify the process, reduce the investment, improve reliability + ease of use and cost of ownership. We aim to find the correct technology for you. 


Whether for a job shop or a specialty OEM, we provide machines you need to finish your edges. We focus on deslagging, deburring, edge breaking, edge rounding, laser oxide removal and beveling in flat blanks and tube. We largely leave surface graining to companies offering wide belt sanders.


We do provide surface graining with our machines that dress welded features in 3 dimensional parts and then re-finish the surfaces to the original material grain. We also offer tube graining and polishing equipment. 

On the forming side we deliver programmable precision roll bending and corner forming machines and, as of recently,  the latest parts leveling technology to improve your quality  in more ways than just flat parts.

 Show Specials

  • We are pleased to offer you a solution offered by GECAM of Italy to efficiently deburr, edge round and grain flat sheet stock.  This is a wide belt grinding process with 3 heads 1350mm wide (53”) using 1 head with a 7.5” diameter contact roller in the first station. Then a super heavy duty set of 20 Scotch/abrasive rotating and counter rotating top brushes, dia 115mm to round edges in the second station followed by another wide belt sanding unit for graining with a 7.5” contact roller in the third station. The edges are consistent and smooth in radius.  You can adjust the thickness of material between 0.032” - 6.75”

    The machine comes with a frequency driven conveyor belt motor with feed rate adjustable between 20”/min to 200”/min. The adjustment for the depth setting of the T-Brushes is motorized.

    The control is via touch screen.  The first grinding head has an upgrade in motor power to15kW and both wide belt grinding heads have frequency inverter driven variable surface speeds to keep temperature in check while prcessing a slower feed rates for maximum edge rounding. 

    The machine has an list price of $111,600 and is offered at $ 75,000 for orders placed at the exhibition.  This is an incredible offer for a machine which features 53" working width, 3 heads of which one is the new Gecam 20 rotary brush head for heavy duty edge rounding and a nukmber of other special options. 

    Please come and talk to us at our booth.  Dealer inquiries are welcome.

 Press Releases

  • KOHLER presents the innovatinve part leveling machine that has comprehensively upgraded its proven Peak Performer part leveling machine to provide a significant boost to the leveling capacity of the machine. Assuming the yield strength of the material is unchanged, the machine can now level to the degree of precision sheets up to 50 % thicker than before.

    As a leading global manufacturer of leveling solutions for the metalworking industry, KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH frequently stuns the sector with its customer-focused innovations, the latest of which is an enhancement to its batch-produced Peak Performer part leveling machine. Thanks to the high-performance direct drives, the machine can handle material thicknesses of up to 25 mm. Besides its extended working range, the machine impresses a pioneering innovation in the marketplace with its rotary leveling rollers and a reworked drive concept.

    The Peak Performer part leveling machine works completely without hydraulics and combines highest precision with maximum efficiency as well as environmental compatibility. It is also far ahead in terms of energy efficient: The model range from 80P onwards stands out from the crowd with energy consumption up to 75 % lower than that of conventional machines.
    Visit us at our booth: B5943

  • MetalFinish commenced a line of tube and profile end deburring machines for profiles up to 6.25".  Tube ends can be 90° or angled up to 45°. Burrs resulting from saw or laser cuts are removed at a low consumable cost of under $3 per hour in 2-6 seconds per end by simply inserting the tube end into the machine and creating light pressure against the wire wheel.  The first three units are being delivered to customers in October.  MetalFinish plans to hold these machines in inventory for a quick delivery.  To see more information click here.

  • MetalFinish just delivered the first 3 Kuhlmeyer TBS strokesanders with ergonomic height adjustment.  Working height or better belt height is now adjustable from 38" above ground to 50" above ground.  This increases the under the belt capacity when needed but most importantly accomodates operators between 5'2' and 6'4' tall with ideal working conditions.  These particular machines where also equipped with auto tool and auto table so that workers do not have to repeat arm movement when graining surfaces.  Only scratch removal, weld dressing and edge forming is done manually.  We would call this the worlds first truly ergonomic stroke sander.

    MetalFinish LLC, Plainville, CT  /


  • DM 1100 DC
    DM1100 DC deburrs and rounds edges on inside and outside contours of thick steel plate mainly cut by plasma or oxyfuel. DM1100 DC has a large deburring drum for heavy dross and slag removal and a double cross belt which facilitates edge rounding. ...

  • DM1100 DC deburrs and rounds edges on inside and outside contours of thick steel plate mainly cut by plasma or oxyfuel. DM1100 DC has a large deburring drum for heavy dross and slag removal and a double cross belt which facilitates edge rounding giving you soft, clean and paintable edges.

    The drum oscillates and floates to cope with material distortion and thickness tolerances.  A 24" magnetic track holds  small parts so they can also be cleaned with ease.

    The machine is executed in a very heavy duty frame.  the drum is a direct derivative of the deburring drums formerly used by the ERNST company to remove heavy slag with a proven 40 year track record.  Improvements have been made to the mounting and the bearing supports of the drum to ease maintenance and reduce service intervalls.

  • Bending Roll 8266 - Programable
    We are pleased to offer you a solution offered by Nossebro of Sweden to efficiently roll cylindrical shapes with high accuracy. ...

  • A universal machine for medium and heavy duty production, suitable for most applications. The machine now can be programmed with a simple control to make irregular shapes easily.

    Motor-powered with crowned rolls in needle bearings. The setting of the upper and lower rolls is by hand wheels via worm gears. The upper and lower rolls are driven by a worm gear motor. The transmission is built into one side of the machine making it a very compact design. Plenty of options are available.

    Nosstec 8266 Bending Roll Programable Machine

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