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For over 35 years, Industrial Innovations has been providing lubrication management solutions to the metalworking industries, helping improve operations and saving significant dollars. Our solutions consistently help stampers save signficantly on lubrication costs as well as reducing downtime. We know how to provide consistent, reliable and precise lubrication solutions. We are recognized for our comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.

SPRA-RITE™ lubrication and spray management technologies from Industrial Innnovatons deliver precise and efficient lube placement, helping improve tool & die life, boost productivity and reduce waste.

Our systems include:
•  Proportional Mixing Systems
•  Spray Application Systems
•  Zero-Drip “Z” Nozzles and Die-Mount Assemblies
•  Quick Die Spray Set-Up
•  Die Spray Reclamation

The Move to Plant-Wide Systems
To avoid tvariations in lubricant mixing and application, a  plant-wide or closed-loop systems allows a company complete and consistent control over the lubrication application process.  With this approach, thoroughly mixed lubricants are produced at a central location and distributed via an in-plant piping network throughout the manufacturing facility for use at each press.  The benefits of a closed-loop system are numerous   -- there are almost no labor costs associated with the process, consistent and ample lubricant is there as needed at each press, lubrication costs are reduced, as is waste hauling and other issues associated with lubricant delivery. We've found that three-quarters of our customers can cut their lubrication costs by 50-percent through use of a plant-wide system.

An Industrial Innovations’ closed-loop system is comprised of a patented Pro-Mix proportional mixer and all the piping needed to deliver the lubricant to the presses, a Spra-Rite patented applicator system utilizing its patented Z-Drip nozzles and, in some cases, an MSR reclamation system.


Plant-Wide Lubrication Delivery and Application Systems
Spra-Rite Lubricant Mixing, Spray, Recycling Systems for Metalworking

 Press Releases

  • Industrial Innovations, a leading provider of industrial lubrication equipment, offers its portable Pro-Mix™ MS proportioning systems for the mixing of lubricant or coolant concentrate with water on demand at adjustable ratios ranging from 4:1 to 40:1. These systems provide a consistent lubricant mixture allowing the metalworking equipment to run more efficiently, with accuracy and repeatability, while improving up time, die life, and part quality.

    Positioned at the point of use, our Pro-Mix 1 MS eliminates the practice of manual hand mixing and/or transporting pails of mixed lube across the plant floor. The small footprint of only 19-in. wide x 26-in. deep x 62-in. tall, equipped with casters, enables easy placement in your facility to support one or multiple presses (depending upon overall demand) running the same lubricant or coolant dilution ratio.    

    How Pro-Mix I Works
    Utilizing a pneumatic paddle wheel agitator, the diluted mixture in the 30-gallon stainless steel reservoir is continuously mixed, which is particularly important with fluids containing solids that may fall out of solution. Sensors detect liquid levels that automatically initiate the mixing system on demand as the mixed lube is distributed to the point of application. Distribution to the press is accomplished using a 37 gallon per minute air diaphragm pump with a pulse dampening accumulator.

    The stainless steel positive displacement proportioning pump maintains an accurate and repeatable dilution ratio, meanwhile providing long service life. The maximum flow rate of the proportioning pump is 7 gallons per minute.

    A simple hook up to 120-volt power, plant compressed air, and water gets you up and running quickly and easily.

    For more information, visit, call 616-249-1525 or email


  • UltraCoat Coil Lubricating System
    Reliable, value-priced non-contact spray system for applying lubricant to stock prior to stamping, helping to improve accuracy and reduce lubricant consumption. Nozzles are enclosed in spray box to reduce overspray, help with recycling and reclamation. ...

  • Industrial Innovations' UltraCoat is a non-contact spray system that offers a reliable and value-priced solution for applying lubricant to the stock prior to the stamping process, helping to improve accuracy and reduce lubricant consumption. Since the nozzles are enclosed within a spray box, this approach helps to reduce overspray as well as assisting in the recycling and reuse of lubricants to reduce costs. 


    The UltraCoat features adjustable flow-controlled spray nozzles and programmable independent fluid control for precise application of the lubricant to the stock, as well as being able to accommodate low or high viscosity lubricants. The system is designed for easy coil feed installation and has the ability for press control communication. The spray box can work with coil stock from 12-in. to 80-in. wide and has either coil or power feed capability.


  • Spra-Rite Quick Release Roll Coater
    The Spra-Rite™ Roll Coating system is comprised of a solid roll up to 80-in., and can be changed within minutes. These roll coaters provide precise and uniform lubricant coverage on parts prior to stamping, improving quality and minimizing waste....

  • Industrial Innovations’ Spra-Rite™ Roll Coating system features a solid roll in sizes from 12-in to 80-in., enabling the roller to be changed within minutes while the external roller lubricant application feature helps to ease maintenance. The Roll Coaters are designed to provide precise and uniform lubricant coverage on parts prior to the stamping operation, helping to improve quality and minimize waste.

    Roll coaters provide an environmentally friendly approach to lubricant application by transferring lubricant from the surface of the roller directly to the surface of a part.  The systems feature programmable independent fluid control for adjusting the thickness of the lubricant transferred to the part. 

    Whereas most roll coaters are comprised of 6-in. to 12-in. rollers, which are connected to achieve the final roll size, the Spra-Rite systems feature a solid, one-piece, quick release roller. This can reduce changeover time from over an hour to minutes.

    Additionally, these roll coaters offer simple coil feed installation with coil or power feed capability, automatic press control communication and 200-part recipe capability.  These roll coaters can also accommodate Spra-Rite manifolds, an added benefit for existing Industrial Innovations’ customers.

    For more information on the UltraCoat Coil Lubricating System, visit, call 616-249-1525 or email

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