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  • The thermal fabrication of structural steel has turned the page to a new level of productivity and versatility with the FICEP RAZ.   FICEP has manufactured thermal cutting plasma robots for over 20 years and during this period they have developed many new technological advances to increase the capabilities of this technology.  Originally it was primarily for copes and cut-off but with the introduction of Hypertherm's "True Hole Technology" this has opened the door for additional versatility such as the generation of bolt holes. 

    The FICEP RAZ thermal cutting robot employs a new leading edge laser technology to scan the structural sections surfaces in seconds to eliminate the need for touch probing for each cut.  This technology drastically reduces the non-productive functions when cutting structural steel sections.

    FICEP's patented scribing technology automatically extracts not just the cuts but all the intersecting locations of the connecting sections.  With this information all the layout marks, orientation and weld symbols are added to the marking portion of the program automatically to eliminate manual layout and reduce errors.

    The extended reach of the RAZ robot also has full 4 side capability for both the cutting and laying out of structural steel sections.

    These are just a few of the many benefits of the FICEP RAZ plasma cutting robot.


  • Plasma Cutting Robot Model RAZ 1201
    FICEP's new thermal cutting robot provides unique features to reduce non cutting times to the minimum. New laser technology scans all surfaces in seconds to provide dependable and accurate plasma cutting and layout marking on all four sides. ...

  • FICEP has manufactured plasma cutting robots for structural steel for over 20 years.  The RAZ 1201 represents that latest in a line of industry leading developments in the plasma cutting of structural steel with plasma.  Traditional plasma cutting robot designs required the torch to physically probe each surface prior to every cut to achieve reliable torch ignition and accurate cutting.  The RAZ 1201 utilizes a new non-contact laser probing technology that scans all the members surfaces in seconds.  This eliminates the non-productive task of having to physically probe each surface prior to each cut.  The incorporation of this new technology makes the FICEP RAZ plasma cutting robot the most productive solution on the market.

    FICEP has incorporated their PATENTED capability to extract automatically from the 3-D design model all the intersecting elements of the structure.  The intersecting locations of the different members are automatically programed to be marked with the plasma torch to eliminate any manual layout.  Weld symbols are also automatically generated

    The RAZ 1201 also features four side processing to take full advantage of cutting and marking on all surfaces.

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