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  • Laser beam measurement experts from Gentec-EO will be present to showcase our technologies and help visitors learn how to measure their laser with Gentec-EO accuracy. On-site demos will also be performed.

    Whether your laser application requires power measurement, energy measurement or beam profiling, we can provide you the tools to measure it. Gentec-EO has the largest selection of laser beam measurement products and the broadest range of custom solutions. We have yet to find a laser we can’t measure.

    Increase the productivity and efficiency of your systems with products that fit your needs.

    Come meet our representatives at FABTECH booth A3473 to learn about our solutions.
  • Gentec-EO helps its customers to ensure consistent, repeatable results with their laser systems. To achieve this, it is important to track systems’ health at various checkpoints.

    Laser systems do not always produce the exact same power output and this can cause many problems in manufacturing, including loss of productivity. The laser itself, the optical components that guide the laser’s light to its delivery point and also the surrounding environment, all have an impact on the output and efficiency of a process.

    Measuring laser power accurately with the right instruments is key to track your laser system’s performance and identify potential problems before they arise. This leads to faster product development, increased productivity and standardized quality control.

    If this topic is of interest for you, make sure to come by our booth A3473 at FABTECH 2021 and talk with our representatives. We are here to help!


  • Laser beam sampler for high-power lasers
    Gentec-EO launches a new beam sampler for kW-level lasers. The BA32-1KW, a water-cooled beam splitter, is ideal for inline beam profiling in a variety of high-power applications, from military to industrial materials processing....

  • The BA32-1KW beam splitter measures laser beam profiles with power from few mW to 1 kW. This device attenuates high power beams with a ratio of 1:1900. This enables the use of very sensitive laser beam profilers to measure beam shape, even at the focal spot. The secondary output can be used to monitor the laser’s power simultaneously.

    Polarization-neutral attenuation

    The BA32-1KW reflects a fraction of the laser beam into the camera through a pair of orthogonal wedges. The result is uniform attenuation of any beam shape, from Gaussian to flat-top and even doughnut.

    In-line power measurement

    Picking off a portion of a beam allows to track changes in beam power vs time using a detector. This information may be used as part of a feedback loop to regulate power. With 92% of the beam that is transmitted, a laser process can keep running while its power and beam profile are monitored.

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