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Vectis Automation designs and integrates cobot fabrication solutions to help manufacturers boost productivity amid the skilled labor shortage - by reducing the risk, learning curve, and cost of implementing automation in fabrication processes.  Our 120+ years of experience in the robotic welding industry enables us to provide substance in our product and applications engineering process – providing you with the best solution to boost productivity in your fab shop.

Our 30-day return policy, rent-to-own program, and fast lead times provide you with peace-of-mind to quickly start automating simple, repetitive parts – freeing up your team for more complex weldments or other value-add tasks.

Come see our easy-to-use, affordable, and versatile Cobot Fabrication Tools – and let’s start the conversation about automating your processes. We always begin by taking an in-depth look at your application(s) to make sure they are a good fit for automation.


  • Vectis Cobot Cutting Tool
    The ease-of-use & flexibility of the Vectis welder is now available for Plasma Cutting! Program & cut 3D components, tube, and complex projections with ease – for a fraction of the cost of a tube laser. Come get your hands on the pendant at the show!...

  • The Vectis Cobot Cutting Tool empowers fabricators to make complex cuts on high-mix 3D parts & tube for a fraction of the cost of a tube laser and a major productivity boost relative to manual layout & cut.  We've taken the same extreme ease-of-use and flexibility the industry has come to know on our Cobot Welding Tool and applied that to the plasma cutting process using industry-leading Hypertherm cutting equipment.  Come get your hands on a teach pendant for yourself at the show and see how quick & easy it is to program complex cuts!
  • Vectis HD Cobot Welding Tool - Water Cooled
    You asked, we answered. The heavy-duty version of our Cobot Welding Tool comes beefed up with a 450 amp welder & a stout water-cooled torch. It’s in the field welding 0.045”, 0.052”, and 1/16” wire all day long. If you’re doing heavy fab, let’s chat!...

  • Our heavy-duty water-cooled Cobot Welding Tool is built to withstand the high amperages of larger weld wires and the high duty cycles of heavy fabrication.  With a 450 amp welder (@ 100% Duty Cycle) and D/F water cooled torch backed by a 15,000 BTU water cooler, it’s ready to weld with large wire all day long.  It’s beefed up, but still extremely versatile and easy-to-use with our mobile cart platform and Let’s Weld Together software.  This heavy-duty configuration can be paired with our MultiPass and ArcPilotTM Through-The-Arc Seam Tracking features to handle the large weld sizes and variations common in heavy fabrication.  Come check it out in our booth and get your hands on a teach pendant to see how easy it is to program!

  • Vectis ArcPilot: Through-The-Arc Seam Tracking
    Vectis' new ArcPilot brings through-the-arc seam tracking to cobot welding. This exciting new feature enables fabricators to compensate on-the-fly for production realities such as distortion, inconsistent parts/fixturing, and imperfect programming....

  • Even with upstream improvements and better fixturing, inconsistencies still exist in the weld shop.  Vectis’ new ArcPilotTM feature arms our system with a new tool in the toolbelt to help manage those inconsistencies.  This through-the-arc seam tracking functionality enables path correction during live welding by monitoring the welding arc’s electrical characteristics and making cobot path adjustments in microseconds.  This new feature allows more applications – particularly in heavy fabrication – to be tackled by our cobot welding tool.

  • New Deployment Options for Vectis systems
    Our standard mobile cart enables versatility for many applications; but sometimes you need a different way to get the cobot to the joint; or a larger workspace. We’re excited to offer new deployment options: our Boom, XL Cart, & even more TBA!...

  • Our standard cart-based mobile systems have, and continue, to empower fabricators to do more with less.  But sometimes you need a larger workspace or a different way to get the cobot’s torch to the weldment.  Our new Boom-based solution allows for multi-part setup and welding of larger parts.  Our new XL Cart solution provides that extra bit of table workspace to handle larger parts, more batch-setup zones, and fixtures.  And, we’re not done yet – we have even more deployment options that could be the right fit for your applications.  Come chat with our robotic welding experts at the show about your applications and needs – we’ll give you an honest, transparent recommendation on how to tackle your specific application.

  • New Welder Options for Vectis systems
    In addition to our workhorse Miller Invision-based standard systems, we are now excited to offer additional welder options from Miller, Lincoln, and Fronius that will enable more applications and fit your shop’s existing equipment needs/preferences....

  • To enable more welding applications and help meet customers’ equipment needs & preferences, we are excited to offer new interfaces for common welding equipment from leading equipment manufacturers.  Available welder options include Miller Invision, Miller XMT, Miller AutoContinuum, Lincoln PowerWave, Fronius TransSteel, Fronius TPSi, and Fronius TPSi + CMT. 

    Regardless of the welder, you will always receive a Vectis Cobot Welding Tool that is fully integrated, tested, and ready-to-weld upon shipment – all paired with our industry-leading Let’s Weld Together software and our unprecedented 30-day system return policy.

  • Vectis Cobot Hardfacing Tool
    Manufacturers, alloy cladders, repair shops, equipment rental centers, and rebuild operations now have a new Tool at their disposal to offload the dull task of hardfacing/buildup - our flexible, easy-to-program, and hardworking Cobot Hardfacing Tool!...

  • When one thinks of "dull, dirty, dangerous", cladding / overlay / hardfacing applications rank near the top of that list - particularly on the "dull" aspect!  That's why we're excited to announce our new Hardfacing system configuration and buildup/cladding software capabilities.  Our system can help with a variety of applications - wear zone rebuild, alloy cladding, drop carbide hardfacing, and many others.  The Vectis Hardfacing tool is available as an add-on attachment for our heavy-duty system product, allowing for maximum flexibility and versatility in your shop.  Easily program repetitive hardfaced parts, or quickly program one-off varying buildup applications.  Come get your hands on a pendant at our booth and see how easy it can truly be!

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