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Let our laser safety experts pinpoint the protection solution you need from our vast array of laser safety products. As part of uvex safety group, laservision’s reputation for quality and expertise is trusted around the world. Perform your work with comfort and confidence knowing you are protected with the most advanced technology available.

Laservision USA designs and manufactures a complete line of laser safety products and services, including eyewear, barriers, windows, as well as laser safety audits and training.

Laservision products are distributed across the globe to customers in medicine, manufacturing, R&D, education, military and government. We develop and manufacture products for laser manufacturers, integrators, distributors, and end-users.

Laservision USA is a part of UVEX Safety Group that focuses on personal laser safety and protecting people.

 Press Releases

  • At laservision, it’s our goal to put you into the precise laser glasses your application requires. Know the model number of your laser safety glasses? We are here to help! Need to dig a little deeper? You can also shop by wavelength, laser type, and even application. All roads lead to the same destination: the optimal protective eyewear for your particular use.

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  • (Jul 16, 2021)

    laservision offers a wide variety of laser safety windows, ideal for safe viewing of lasers from outside the normal hazard zone. Based on your specific laser application, acrylic, glass and polycarbonate windows can be custom sized. Our windows are designed for all laser environments, including doors, rooms, panels, curtains and enclosures.

    If a beam hits the pane, our active windows instantly shut the laser down. Our laser safety domes protect without sacrificing visibility and are ideal for safely demonstrating laser applications in public areas, such as at trade shows.

    Learn More: Laser Safety Windows | laservision USA

  • (Jul 16, 2021)

    We offer complete custom solutions for all laser applications. In order to begin your custom barrier solution, please complete our custom quote form before contacting us. There are many factors unique to each project and this step begins the process to meeting your safety needs.

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  • Foldable Barriers
    Foldable laser safety panels with versatility in mind. These systems have unique 360° hinges that allow you to move and position your barrier according to your needs. It’s easy to store and takes up less space than most barrier systems....

  • Choose from one of our standard products, or design a barrier system specific to your laser application.

    All foldable panels are made with materials that have a laser safety rating of up to 2,500 W/cm2 for 100 seconds (see product detail page for more information). Made to withstand direct and diffusely scattered laser light generated by Class 3B or 4 lasers as specified with ANSI: Z 136.1 – Section


    • Foldable, for ease of storage
    • Light weight and wheeled, for maximum mobility
    • Unique, 360˚ light-tight hinge technology 
    • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame
    • Certified laser safety barrier panels (M5P06)

    Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 panel systems. Ships assembled.

    Panels Part Numbers Width (fully assembled)
    2 BFS.M5P06.5002  99”
    3 BFS.M5P06.5003  148”
    4 BFS.M5P06.5004 197”
    5 BFS.M5P06.5005 246”
    6 BFS.M5P06.5006 295”

    Learn more: Foldable Barriers - laservision USA ( or call us at 800-393-5565. Discuss your protection need with one of our barrier specialists.

  • F46 Frame
    The 46 frame features an innovative Clipnetic magnetic clip system that allows the user to switch out the nosepiece to fit their individual eyewear requirements. ...

  • Features: 
    Modern, durable frame with black temple accents
    Fit over functionality for prescription eyewear
    Bendable, anti-slip temple tips for an individualized fit
    Interchangeable Clipnetic nosepiece system which includes options for
    no nosepiece
    flexible nosepiece
    prescription insert nosepiece
    Availability in glass or polycarbonate filters
    CE-certification acc. to DIN EN 207
    Comes with, cloth pouch, eyewear lanyards, and protective case

    Lens Width:  64mm
    Lens Height:  42mm
    Distance Between Lenses:  18mm
    Temple Length:  124mm
    Frame Height:  53mm
    Frame Length:  171mm
    Frame Width:  164mm

    Filters included with this frame: F46 - laservision USA (

  • Laser Safety Windows
    Ideal for safe viewing of lasers outside the Nominal Hazard Zone (NHZ). Based on your specific laser application, acrylic, glass and polycarbonate windows may be customized. Windows are designed for all laser environments....

  • The laservision laser safety window 000.P5P21.2001 (with a thickness of approx. 3-3.2mm) is a gold-colored laser protection window with a scratch-resistant coating. It is certified acc. three standards: EN 207; EN12245 and EN 60825-4). Due to the high ODs in the UV and blue range (OD10+ from 180 to 458 nm; OD8+ >458-462nm), the broad and high protection level within the NIR (OD5+ from 815nm to 1100nm; OD8+ from 880nm to 1075nm, and OD10+ from 940 to1055nm) and in the infrared area (OD8 + from 5230 to 14570 nm), the window is suitable for high power diodes as well as for disk, Nd: YAG, fiber or with CO2 lasers. The gold-colored laser safety window is 200x100mm in size and has good color vision and VLT of appr. 50%. The maximum size can be 2000 x 1150mm. The thickness is about 3mm.

    The laser safety window P5P21 consists of a light gold-colored, absorbing plastic with a scratch-resistant coating and a thickness of 3-3.2mm. The protection is based on the absorption of laser radiation in the material itself. The window has a daylight transmission of approx. 50% and therefore a very good visual brightness and good color recognition.

    To ensure safe use in a wide range of conditions, small and large beam diameters in machines or enclosures. The P5P21 laser safety window is certified according to DIN 207, EN 12254 and 60825-4.

    Especially the following protection levels are of particular note:

    DIN 207: 10s:        >315-464nm D LB6 + IR LB8 + M LB8Y

                                880-1075nm D LB6 + IR LB8 + M LB8Y

    EN12254: 100s:     >315-464 D AB6 + I AB8 + R AB7 + M AB8Y

                               940-1050nm D AB7 + I AB8 + R AB7 + M AB8Y

                              >1050-1075nm D AB6 + I AB8 + R AB7 + M AB8Y

    For adequate laser safety, please calculate the OD values and protection levels required for your laser and compare them with the information on the laser safety window before installing the window.

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    Call us at 800-393-5565 to discuss your prection needs with one of our window specialists.

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