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Durmazlar, leader of the sector in Turkey and carries on business in the field of the production of sheet metal working machinery, is a global manufacturer with its plants, having a closed area of 150,000 m2 and large production sections equipped with the latest technology. 

As a global trademark, our main target is to be among the top 3 companies in the World by directing the technology by providing innovative solutions to the global markets in the sheet metalworking machinery sector.


  • AD-Servo 40320
    The DURMA AD-Servo Hybrid Press Brake. Highest bending precision and quality. Energy efficient. Available upto 800 pressing tonnage....

  • The Servo-Hybrid Press brake with 320 Metric Tons provides significant energy savings through the use of high-efficiency Rexroth Servos that only run during the bending process. Faster ram approach and return speeds of 200mm/sec (7.87”/sec) are achieved, compared to standard hydraulic. 
    The DAM (Durma Automatic Measuring) system automatically checks the angle of parts during the bend process and applies corrections to the control completely automatically without operator intervention. Angles can be checked per part, or according to a set number of parts.
    WILA-Style clamping system allows for the rapid changeover of tooling setups. Automatic crowning system corrects for long bends, removing variances in angles from end-to-end.
    The 6-Axis back gauge system (X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2) creates the best scenario for gauging all types of complex part geometries and its DA-69T 3D based control panel allows for full simulation of 3D parts programmed from offline bending software called D-Bend.