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Gullco International is a manufacturer and distributor of welding and cutting automation systems. Using a modular design, Gullco's automation carriages can be adapted to meet the requirments of almost any application where continuous welding or cutting is involved. Improve productivity and consistency while reducing your cost by adopting industry proven automation solutions. We have worked with the shipbuilding, tank welding, oil and gas, beam and crane manufacturing, pressure vessels and various other industries during our 60 years in the automation business. Visit our website to see case studies and product details or email us at to ask about your application requirements.

 Press Releases

  • The Danish provider of mobile robotic welding and adaptive multi-pass welding technologies, Inrotech has partnered with Gullco International, a manufacturer of automated welding and cutting carriages, modular automation, and custom automation solutions.

    The two companies will use their partnership to strengthen their customer offerings and market position. With this partnership, both companies combine their knowledge together and offer smart, easy-to-use automation solutions equipped with special software and sensor technology for the growing need for automation technology, with a focus on shipbuilding, offshore plant constructions and other heavy industries.

    Inrotech has specialized in the development of intelligent, adaptive robotic welding systems, especially for the construction of ships, offshore plants, wind energy plants and for the steel construction industry.

    One of Inrotech’ s strengths is its “self-programming” welding robots that don’t require any CAD transfer, backend engineering or programming. This approach enables the introduction of Inrotech’s robotic welding solutions in new and previously unseen areas, which have been traditionally completed using manual or semi-automatic processes.

    Gullco International contributes to this cooperation by providing 70+ years of industry leading expertise in the manufacture and implementation of automation solutions. They combine this with a worldwide distribution network for welding automation equipment of oil storage tanks, pipe welding, shipbuilding and most other heavy fabrication industries.

    The collaboration between Gullco International and Inrotech A/S will therefore be able to provide industries in the USA, the opportunity to fully automize their production facilities with robotic welding solutions.

    The companies will continue to operate independently and service current customer and industries as before, but will work jointly on new opportunities. 

    The management of both companies express their expectations as follows: We both have many years of expertise and experience in the welding industry to understand how to solve complex welding challenges for large steel structures, primarily Shipbuilding, Renewable and Heavy Industry’’

  • The E.A.H.S is a standalone unit meaning it does not interface with the wire feeder. The arc activation trigger signal of the welding equipment that is used to start/stop the welding process must come from a separate piece of equipment, i.e. customer supplied control or other Gullco equipment. This advanced Electric Arc Height Sensor package uses Gullco’s sophisticated, yet easy to use, E.A.H.S. remote pendant control, in conjunction with a 4” linear slide assembly and current sensing control box, to provide precision arc height control during the welding process.