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Nordfab Ducting is the world's largest manufacturer of clamp-together ducting for dust, mist and fume collection. Our Quick-Fit® ducting saves time and money. Quick-Fit installs in half the time of traditional ducting, is adaptable to your existing ducting, is re-useable and can be taken apart for cleaning or to be reconfigured - without tools. Quick-Fit is available in a variety of gauges to suit your needs and can be sealed for oil mist applications.

Request a 3D design of a ducting installation to fit the requirements of your facility.

 Press Releases

  • Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Visual® (QFV® ) is a complimentary, easy-to-use, online tool for designing ductwork installations.  QFV provides automatic calculation of duct sizing, static pressure loss, and system requirements. Users can output a quotation and visual 3D plan; source and procure all components needed for the installation through QFV’s integration with Nordfab’s quoting / ordering tool; and obtain the information needed to execute the installation.

    In addition to the 3D floorplan image and bill of material, users can output a .dwg drawing for use with CAD tools to incorporate the duct system into other facility installation plans.

    A video demonstrating QFV is available on Nordfab’s website.

    Nordfab Ducting manufactures Quick-Fit®, a fast to install, modular ductwork system for dust, mist, and fume collection. QF duct can be installed in half the time of traditional ducting and is easily disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled without tools. Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® and Flanged Ducting has been used in dust collection systems for over forty years.


  • New Sealed Duct System Components from Nordfab
    Nordfab Ducting is now offering an easier-to-install and better sealing gasket as part of its QFS sealed duct system used for oil mists, cutting fluids, vapors, and other wet contaminants collection....

  • Nordfab Ducting is now offering a new easier-to-install and better sealing gasket as part of its QFS sealed duct system used for oil mists, cutting fluids, vapors, and other wet contaminants collection. Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Ducting clamps together, requiring a fraction of the installation time required for many other types of ducting, and eliminates welding and flange assembly.  The Quick-Fit sealed (QFS) duct system incorporates leak-proof seals wherever the duct is connected (clamped together), caulking wherever the duct seams need extra protection to prevent leakage, and components precision manufactured to tight tolerances.
    The new QFS Gasket, used at each duct connection, snugly wraps around the Quick-Fit® rolled edge of Nordfab’s clamp-together ducting for a secure fit that does not require adhesives and is very easy to apply. The gasket is non-directional, allowing quick assembly of components.
    Nordfab is also now using a superior caulk for QFS duct components. The new caulk is marine grade and highly resistant to UV exposure.
    The sealed duct system reduces sources of leakage, decreasing health risks potentially created by slippery floors and contaminated workspaces.

    Contact us or visit our booth to request a 3D design and estimate for a sealed duct system for your facility.