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“Spray the right amount, in the right place, at the right time”.

For over 90 years, SAMES KREMLIN have been bonding, protecting, and beautifying products in the Automotive, General Industrial, and Wood Finishing markets for our customers.  We provide a wide range of pumps and spraying solutions dedicated to the protection of materials and applications of:  Paint, Powder, Sealant & Adhesive type coatings.  We help customers maximize their finishing process and make them more profitable.

 Press Releases

  • SAMES KREMLIN invented powder paint spraying technology in 1964.  The Machjet and Auto-Machjet powder ranges have been in the marketplace for the past 20 years.  Since then, powder paints have evolved with the applications being more and more numerous and demanding.  Therefore, SAMES KREMLIN has launched a new complete range of manual powder systems called the Inocoat Powder range

    The signature of this new range is our TEC5 technology that sets new standards and references of the electrostatic performance.  Complying with desired parameters, the new high voltage cascade and closed loop control enhances the wrap-around effect and the penetration in recessed areas.   The manual range is articulated around the Inogun® M manual gun which is controlled by the Inobox with its intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface.           

    SAMES KREMLIN is offering four different versions of the Inocart manual systems which are available to cover all process needs from ordinary to metallic and UV powders.  Our streamline design was a key component for achieving these innovative, robust, and maneuverable systems.   Because these systems are ergonomically designed for intensive use, it reduces fatigue and repetitive strain injury for optimal comfort for the operator.

    Unique Selling Points:

    • High Productivity
    • Fast color changes with no cross contamination
    • TEC5 technology
    • Large range of nozzles available

    • Unique Application Performance
    • Constant spray with smooth and even powder application for a high-quality finish
    • No clogging for constant spraying

    • Remarkable Sustainability  
      • 2+1 year warranty
      • Long life cascade

    • Maintenance
      • Low maintenance
      • Balanced & ergonomic design


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    P:  1.800.573.5554


  • SAMES KREMLIN is pleased to announce the launch of the NEW Manual Airspray FPro Gravity, GSP, and Smart cups disposable cups.  The FPro Gravity is available in HVLP, LVLP and Conventional technologies to meet the needs of your customer applications.  Our GSP gun is available as an add-on kit or fully assembled for high viscosity type of products.

    Customer Benefits:

    • High spraying quality:  Thanks to the patented Vortex technology, the FPro Gravity delivers a very fine atomization and an even spray pattern which covers and penetrates recessed areas of the part while delivering a flat spray pattern without the blotchy effect.

    • Modular gun for a large range of applications:   The FPro Gravity is perfect for frequent color changes.   The FPro Gravity comes with a large selection of configurations, many adaptable accessories, and is easy to maintain.

    • Ergonomic and robust design:  We are proud to present the lightest trigger pull in the market with the innovative MAG-trigger.  The operators will appreciate the light-weight gun, comfortable shape of the body, and a redesigned center of gravity.  No more repetitive strain injuries using the new FPro Gravity or GSP gun.

    Smart Cups are the new range of disposable cups from SAMES KREMLIN.  This system will boost the productivity of your painters by not wasting time to clean the cup, and less paint loss and solvent consumption.  This solution will make life easier for mixing, spraying and cleaning.  They are compatible with all the guns.

    • Perfect for frequent color changes:  Cups are disposable, so you don’t need to clean the cup. There is no longer wasted paint and left over paint is kept protected in a sealed cup.

    • Improved spraying experience:  Available in different sizes, the disposable cups will meet all the needs of your customers.  Because they are ultra-light weight, using these disposable cups reduce fatigue and enhances comfort.  The sealed assembly of the lid allows painting in all directions while working in tight spaces without risk of leaking material.  The Smart Cups allow you to rediscover the pleasure of painting without constraints.

    • Easier daily life:  Mix, spray and store material in the same cup.  Thanks to the round shape of the bottom of the disposable cup, mixing is more efficient.  The stir stick fits closely to the curved liner to create a vortex effect for proper paint mixing.   During the application, the liner collapses due to suction so that you can easily check the paint level.  If you have finished painting, you can dispose of the paint without fear of spilling.  

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  • SAMES KREMLINManufacturers of Manual & Automatic Powder Coating Equipment & Solutions has designed the New InoBell® Powder Bell Applicator.

    The InoBell® is a high transfer efficiency applicator that delivers:

    • Higher First Pass Transfer Efficiency
    • Better Uniformity
    • High Finish Quality

    The InoBell® can be installed on a robotic or reciprocating system for various types or markets.  We have proven installations worldwide.

    By using the InoBell®, an office furniture manufacturer had an improved finish quality, uniformity, and a 35% powder savings!! 

    Contact SAMES KREMLIN today to learn more about this great new product and the savings you will experience once it is installed at your facility!

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    See why customers prefer the InoBell® over the leading competitor.  The most efficient and innovative powder bell in the world!