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VaporTech designs, builds, and services thin-film deposition systems that deposit PVD and PE-CVD coatings to make your great products even better. We’re committed to what we do because we know that a product’s finish communicates its quality in an instant—and emphasizes a brand’s commitment to quality and value.


  • VT-1500i Hybrid PVD Coating System
    The VT-1500i™ PVD coating system provides high throughput but in a compact footprint. This system includes both cathodic arc and optional magnetron sputtering technologies in the same machine – up to 3 PVD sources....

  • The new VaporTech® VTi-Series™ PVD coating machines have been designed based on input from manufacturers like you. VaporTech is now shipping our most flexible, mid-sized hybrid PVD coating machine, the new VT-1500i™ system.

    A new hybrid PVD coating machine gives you more coating options

    To meet your needs for flexibility and a broader range of both PVD color and functional/tribological coatings, the VT-1500i coating system can be configured with up to 3 deposition sources and 3 PVD deposition technologies.  Here are 3 reasons you should consider this new PVD coating machine:

    1.   It’s a hybrid!

    No, it won’t save you fuel but the new VT-1500i  system can be configured with up to three different technologies (low-temperature cathodic arc, magnetron sputtering, and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for DLC), as well as up to three separate coating sources. This hybrid PVD coating machine increases your ability to deposit a broader range of functional and decorative thin-film coatings.

    2.  You get more options

    The VT-1500i offers a broader range of decorative and specialty coatings made possible with its hybrid setup. This includes multi-metal and multi-layer coatings to improve durability and wear.  Your products will function and look better than your competitors’.

    3.   High capacity, small footprint, faster return on investment

    The VT-1500i hybrid PVD coating system, with its mid-sized coating chamber, has almost 70% the throughput of our largest industrial coater, the VT-3000i system, but with a footprint only slightly larger than our smaller VT-1000i. The design accommodates 10 parts racks (compared with 6 in the smaller VT-1000i) and can be configured in a lower cost cathodic-arc-only configuration or with one or two magnetron sputter sources.  This machine is a great choice for medium-sized operations or those requiring a broader range of coating technologies.