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Established in 1990, Bluco is the leader in precision modular fixturing for welding, machining, and assembly.  We deliver the highest quality components, tables, services and customized solutions. We pride ourselves on creating a true partnership with our customers.  Bluco's application engineers work directly with our customers throughout the ordering process - delivering a comprehensive modular fixturing solution.  Our steady growth can be attributed to a high-precision product, a strong engineering background in fixture design and a diverse yet loyal customer base. Bluco consistently delivers great products, outstanding customer support, and service.

  • 3-D Precision Welding Tables
  • Standard and HD Rollovers
  • Standard and Mobile Workstations

 Press Releases

  • Bluco to Display New Modular Fixturing Tech at FABTECH Canada, Booth 12050

    Collaboration and customization lead to innovation in modular workholding solutions

    (NAPERVILLE, IL) March 25, 2022 – Bluco Corporation announced today plans to debut innovations at FABTECH Canada that bring the benefits of Bluco modular fixturing to workpiece positioning.

    The company will feature a fixturing solution design that marries 3D modularity with a scissor lift, and will demonstrate the use of upgraded options for light and heavy-duty rotating modular positioning solutions.

    First Time Collaboration Makes Modular Welding Tables Height-adjustable
    Bluco has added to their list of modular welding table features by teaming up with Southworth Products. The resulting height-adjustable solution will be on display at the show, and combines a Bluco 3D modular table with a Southworth scissor lift. Bluco will use 2D flat work and taller 3D weldments to show how final part quality is improved when modular efficiency and versatility are boosted by the ability to raise and lower workpieces to a comfortable height.

    This turnkey positioning solution can be customized to handle work of any size or capacity, and will be offered in both a stationary and mobile version. The mobile version will include caster wheels and brakes for easy movement and safe parking around the shop.

    Customization Options Add Functionality to Rotating Positioners

    Bluco will also demonstrate a light-duty rotating modular positioner that can be customized from an extensive menu of frame, drive and fixturing options. Manufacturers can specify the base size, centerline height, rotational increments, and CG (center of gravity) needed to match a specific project. Features like power assist lift, gear-reduced manual rotation, upgraded air safety brakes, rotary ground kits and more can also be added. These positioners can be engineered to hold and rotate almost any part up to 2,000 lbs, and can be used from prototype all the way to robotic production.
    Smart Tech & Heavy-Duty Positioning

    For heavier lifting, Bluco again turned to collaboration, this time with ALM. Directly across the aisle, in booth #12051, visitors can see how Bluco’s modular tooling integrates seamlessly with ALM’s 8K positioner to safely lift & rotate loads up to 8,000 lbs. The solution will also demonstrate the use of smart technology in pneumatic power clamps. The clamps are fitted with sensors that communicate with the positioner, preventing rotation unless the clamps are all in the locked position.

    Turnkey solutions that deliver the best of both worlds

    Bluco has been designing and delivering modular fixturing solutions since 1990. By customizing every solution and collaborating with providers like Southworth and ALM, Bluco is able to offer manufacturers turnkey solutions that combine the modular advantages of versatility, efficiency and precision with a wide variety of positioning options.

    For more information, see Bluco at FABTECH Canada Booth #12050, visit, call 1.800.535.0135, or email

    Please contact Wendy Calcaterra for images or other information. #1-800-535-0135


  • Turnkey Solutions from Bluco
    Bluco is teaming up with ALM to demonstrate the integration of Modular Fixturing into positioners like ALM's 8K HS/TS. Both booths will feature new modular positioning tech and customization options like this one, designed to make truck cabs....

  • Bluco will debut turnkey modular fixturing solutions at FABTECH Canada that bring the benefits of Bluco modular fixturing to workpiece positioning.  

    Modular Scissors Lift Table

    Bluco’s collaboration with Southworth adds height-adjustability to the list of modular welding table features. Combining a Bluco 3D modular table with a Southworth scissor lift allows welders to position work at a comfortable height. Demos will include 2D flat work & taller 3D weldments.

    Customizable Rotating Positioners

    Bluco’s light-duty rotating modular positioner can be customized from a menu of frame, drive and fixturing options that includes power assist lift, gear-reduced manual rotation, upgraded air safety brakes, rotary ground kits, choice of rotational increments and more.

    Heavy-Duty Positioning & Smart Tech

    Bluco will also display modular fixturing in ALM’s booth #12051, in an 8K positioner for heavier loads. The solution has the added functionality of smart pneumatic power clamps fitted with sensors that prevent rotation unless the clamps are locked.

    For more information, see Bluco at Booth #12050, visit, call 1.800.535.0135, or email