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Bystronic is a worldwide supplier of high-quality fiber laser cutting systems, press brakes, automation, and software for the economical processing of sheet metal and tube profiles. Bystronic stands for reliability, high-performance innovation, an outstanding price-performance ratio, and user-friendly operation. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, IL with offices throughout the Americas. Bystronic Canada Ltd. is located in Mississauga, ON.

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Bystronic BySmart Fiber with 10kW


  • BySmart Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    The Bystronic BySmart Fiber laser, now available with a 10kW power source and automation, combines high-value performance with an affordable price for high parts output and excellent cutting quality across thin to medium sheet metal thicknesses....

  • The market for sheet metal processing is growing, with an increasing demand for new technologies. Fabricators rely on manufacturing solutions that allow sheet metal parts to be processed as efficiently as possible and at the same time with high quality. 

    With 10kW power, a Model 4020 machine format, AND automation, BySmart Fiber opens up the full potential of Fiber laser technology to fabricators who want to gain a competitive edge with innovative cutting technology at an affordable cost.

    BySmart Fiber versatile performance package delivers smart access to Fiber laser technology and the following customer benefits:

    • High-speed cutting in a class of its own with 2kW -10kW laser power.
    • High parts output and excellent cutting quality across thin to medium sheet metal thicknesses.
    • Consistent cutting results across a full range of materials and thicknesses up to 1.125 in.
    • BeamShaper option for cutting thick steel plate with oxygen.
    • Dual drive rack and pinion bridge design for fast accelerations.
    • Bystronic engineered cutting head with auto focus, auto focal length and spot size adjustment.
    • High machine dynamics even when cutting complex contours.
    • Powerful, easy-to-use ByVision Cutting user interface with full 22” touch screen controls the entire manufacturing process.
    • BySoft CAM software ensures seamless integration into user’s process chain.
    • Compatibility with all Bystronic automation solutions.
    • Best-in-class Fiber laser technology and total customer support.

    Commitment to North America

    The BySmart Fiber 3015 and 4020 will be shipped virtually fully assembled to most locations within North America from our U.S. facility. This process will reduce the installation time at the customer’s location by as much as 65%. Also, the machines will be 100% inspected and tested in the U.S. plant before shipment, which ensures that production will be up and running shortly after the installation is complete. Customer delivery lead times will also be reduced significantly.

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  • NEW! ByBend Smart Press Brake
    The new ByBend Smart from Bystronic offers innovative bending technology and numerous new functions at an affordable price....

  • The new ByBend Smart from Bystronic offers innovative bending technology and numerous new functions at an affordable price. This is its recipe for success. From the very onset, Bystronic designed this press brake to offer a performance package with intelligent functions that enable users to produce parts in high quality and at low cost.

    Enjoy more flexibility

    One of the ByBend Smart’s flexibility-enhancing features is the “Daylight and Stroke Expansion”. This feature, which is available with the purchase of a new machine, extends the daylight and stroke from 18.9 to 22.9 inch. The additional 3.94 inch boosts the ByBend Smart’s flexibility by as much as 30 percent because this means that it can use taller tools, enabling users to produce parts with taller bending sides. This is particularly useful when bending boxes and drawers.

    “Efficiency Booster” option increases not only the bending speed but also the ram retract speed by up to 20 percent over conventional ram retract speeds. “Energy Saver” option: The machine’s main drive is only active when the machine is actually in operation, reducing energy consumption by 40 percent.

    The “Fast Bend M Safety System” option consists of a laser safety system that allows the upper beam to move almost all the way to the part that is being processed at the rapid movement speed. The high-precision laser sensor allows the ByBend Smart’s control to reduce the upper beam’s speed from up to 7.0 inch per second (rapid movement speed) to 0.74 inch per second (bending speed) just before reaching the metal sheet. The laser safety system functions like an intelligent brake assistant that permits the machine to move at a higher speed for longer. This offers users a speed advantage of up to 30 percent.

    During the bending process, the “Electric Lifting Aid” option increases material handling flexibility and operator ergonomics for large parts up to 220 lbs per unit. The control synchronizes the movement of the lifting aids with the actual bending process and the vertical movement of the upper beam.

    Intelligent “ByVision Bending” control for simple operation

    When it comes to bending technology, simple operation is a key factor for many users. Load the bending plan, set up the machine, and start bending – this is precisely what the ByBend Smart and the “ByVision Bending” user interface offer. ByVision Bending is included in the ByBend Smart’s basic version. Operators launch all the bending processes with just a few swipes of the finger on a 22-inch touch screen. ByVision Bending has an extensive database that includes the parameters for all the common types of sheet metal and bending tools. Depending on the material thickness and bending angle, the user interface determines the ideal bending process and suggests the suitable tools.

    The “Active Hydraulic Crowning” feature ensures high-precision air bending results. This unique function is only available in this form with press brakes from Bystronic. Thanks to extremely accurate pressure sensors, the ByBend Smart’s control system, the ByVision Bending, recognizes the parts' length and position as well as other material properties. The ByVision Bending control enables the ByBend Smart to automatically ensure the ideal distribution of the bending force across the entire bending length without requiring the operator to deal with complicated details. This results in precise and consistent angles across the entire bending length.

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  • NEW! ByTrans Modular Automated Material Handling
    From a single machine to multiple machines with material warehousing and automated parts sorting, ByTrans Modular offers a variety of scalable solutions to expand material automation capabilities as your production requirements change....

  • Introducing a new level of automation for maximum flexibility in the loading, unloading, and sorting of completed cut parts.

    The ByTrans Modular automation system for loading and unloading laser cutting systems was designed by Bystronic to be expandable in a modular fashion to accommodate future individual needs of the user. From a single machine to multiple machines with material warehousing and automated parts sorting, ByTrans Modular offers multiple scalable solutions.


    • Automatic sheet loading and unloading.
    • Automatic part sorting and residual sheet disposal.
    • Increased speed of cut part availability for downstream processes.
    • Single operator control interface for ByTrans Modular and BySort.
    • Maximum flexibility with varied gripper selections and loading and unloading positions.
    • Significant reduction of personnel costs and unproductive time.
    • Minimal additional floor space compared with a non-automated system.
    • Modular expansion of the laser cutting system with ByTrans Modular, BySort, and ByTower options.


    • ByTrans Modular can be loaded and unloaded with a fork truck or overhead crane.
    • The second shelf can be used for raw material or cut part storage.
    • Large parts removal with suction frame standard.
    • Custom gripper module design availability.

    Building on this efficiency of design, the ByTrans Modular with BySort option offers an automation solution for processing large series of individual cut parts that need to be unloaded and sorted separately according to jobs. Both the BySort and the ByTrans Modular are conveniently operated from the Fiber laser cutting system’s touch screen and easy-to-use Bystronic ByVision Cutting user interface. Available Models: 3015 (120x60) and 4020 (160x80).

    With the BySort upgrade, ByTrans Modular is now an even more versatile unloading solution. Upon request, Bystronic equips the ByTrans Modular system with this new add-on solution which can accommodate up to two sorting heads. These heads are automatically tooled using the available gripper modules.

    Both the BySort and the ByTrans Modular are controlled using the Fiber laser cutter’s touch screen and Bystronic’s ByVision Cutting user interface. ByVision Cutting integrates all the cutting processes and the connected automation solutions. During everyday production this allows laser cutting and the automated material feeding and removal process to be closely interlinked. Today, no user should waste time, walk long distances, and carry out unnecessary procedures, just because the laser cutting system and the connected automation solution have to be operated using separate terminals. After all, for the operator, automation also means convenience.

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  • Introducing ByStar Fiber 20kW
    Bystronic introduces laser cutting in the fast lane with the new 20kW Fiber for Bystar Fiber 3015 and 4020....

  • In order to offer sheet metal processing companies even better support in an increasingly competitive environment, Bystronic has advanced into a new dimension of fiber laser cutting: the 20kW ByStar Fiber.

    The high-speed ByStar Fiber laser represents high-precision Bystronic technology, a reliable cutting process even at the highest laser outputs, and with a wide range of applications. The technological leap from conventional 3kW to 15KW systems to the new 20kW level is tremendous.

    Thanks to the new 20kW laser, sheet metal processing companies can benefit from higher productivity with relatively low unit costs. The 20kW laser output enables extended applications in stainless steel and aluminum and thus offers maximum flexibility for customer orders.

    High-speed cutting of steel: On average 40% higher productivity in mild steel and stainless steel 4 mm to 20 mm sheets compared to 15 kW. Shorter piercing times with sheet thicknesses above approx. 15 mm. 20 kilowatt also offers new advanced applications in steel and aluminum up to 50 mm.

    Regardless of whether cutting aluminum, non-ferrous metals, or steel, the high-performance Bystronic SSC cutting head excels with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets and profiles. The variable telescoping cutting head automatically adjusts the focal length and spot size, and the focal position is set automatically for each material.

    BeamShaper function ensures smooth cutting edges and high operational reliability across the entire range of carbon steel materials with fluctuating material characteristics to thicknesses up to 1.500 in.

    Bystronic’s new 20kW Bystar Fiber utilizes the ByVision Cutting control. Operating the machine is as simple as using a smartphone.

    In order to provide an optimal material flow to the high speeds of laser cutting, Bystronic has a broad selection of automation solutions available for the ByStar Fiber along with Fiber 3000 to Fober 20000 laser power. 

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  • Bystronic Xpert 150 Press Brake
    Equipped with the revolutionary Bystronic ByVision Bending control, the Bystronic Xpert press brakes (250-1000 tonnes) offer unmatched efficiency and productivity capabilities....


    Bystronic’s enhanced version of the Xpert press brake incorporates a high-speed ram positioning system and Fast Bend+ safety system for reduced bending cycle times. The high-speed ram positioning system is capable of reducing bend cycle times by 15% to 35%, in reaching approach speeds of up to 600 inches per minute and bending speeds up to 47 inches per minute without sacrificing accuracy.  The servo-hydraulic Xpert 150 press brake with dynamic press brake technology is the only press brake on the market that introduces no angle errors itself with a ram positioning accuracy of .00015” inch. 

    The Fast Bend+ safety system allows the machine to draw extremely near the sheet at high speed, so that slow movement is only necessary during the actual bending process.  This cuts the time required by approximately 20 percent.  Furthermore, it adapts itself automatically after each tool change and moves the machine to the correct tool height

    without any additional intervention.  If a tool is not recognized by the system, the machine stops, making it nearly impossible to use an incorrect tool, which increases the safety even more.

    Low energy consumption, less machine noise, and less heat characterize the Energy Saver.  As soon as the upper beam has reached the top dead center position after a bend, the main motor of the Xpert switches off automatically until the next bend process is started.  This does not change the operational flow and the process speed remains as high as usual.  However, it saves up to one-third of the energy, produces less noise, and does not produce any excess heat.

    The Bystronic Xpert press brakes adjust ram position and crowning during the bending process in response to material properties. With the touch of a single button, the bending sequence and the positioning of the backstops are determined, the tool plan is created, and the process data is generated – all automatically.


    • Voice Control enables operators to utilize voice commands, via a headset, for typical manual operator functions.
    • Optical Bend Guiding guides operators of press brakes safely through all bending applications. LEDs indicate the correct position of the tool stations, back gages, and bending sequences.
    • Bystronic RF-A and XPT Tooling and clamping systems provide users with front-loading, lightweight precision segmented tools for faster tool setups, maximum operator ergonomics, and 100% compatibility with the Bystronic bending database at the machine control.
    • PartID laser etched part code can be registered by an optional scanner unit at the brake and the desired bending program can be loaded automatically. 

    These unique press brake features, together with the powerful ByVision Bending control, provide users with “the ultimate bending experience”.


    • Energy Saver option reduces energy consumption by up to 1/3rd
    • Safety system Fast Bend+ increases machine safety and productivity
    • Automatic bend sequence calculation and back gauge positioning
    • Automatic setup plan and tool selection
    • Dynamic material thickness detection
    • Automatic compensation for tensile strength variations
    • Dynamic crowning and frame deflection compensation
    • Increased manufacturing efficiency through reduced set-up times and reduced scrap

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  • NEW! Bystronic ByTube Star 130
    The New ByTube Star 130 fiber laser tube processing system is designed for the flexible production of small and large series tubes and profiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes....

  • ByTube Star 130 - High-performance laser tube processing at an affordable price.

    In many industries, the laser-assisted processing of tubes and
    profiles offers an almost unlimited manufacturing opportunity. With
    the potential to eliminate complex and cost-demanding processing
    steps, fabricators and manufacturers are discovering Fiber laser
    cutting as an alternative to milling, drilling, punching, and sawing.

    The Bystronic ByTube Star 130 delivers fast, flexible, and affordable Fiber laser tube processing for a wide range of material types and thicknesses, including reflective materials, in a fully automated workflow.

    Features include:

    • Intuitive and powerful Bystronic ByVision Tube user interface.

    • Bystronic-proven SSC Cutting Head technology.

    • Quick cut: Additional linear axis for the highest machine dynamics and cutting performance.

    • Laserscan: Real-time compensation of the natural twist of the tube profile for improved cutting accuracy.

    • Automatic weld seam detection camera.

    • Tube profiles from 3/8 in. to 5 in. and lengths up to 28 ft.​

    • Automatic tube loading, cutting, and unloading.

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  • Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake
    Xpert 80 compact, mobile press brake supports flexible job shop production with fluctuating batch sizes and varying bent parts, as well as for series production with recurring parts. Xpert 80 easily keeps pace with today’s high-speed Fiber lasers....

  • Bystronic Enhances the Versatility of the Xpert 80 Compact, Mobile, High-Speed Press Brake

    The Xpert 80 press brakes offer a wide range of applications from thin and thicker materials. The ultra-high-performance 6-axis back gauge system enables the cost-efficient production of highly complex sheet metal shapes.

    High operator efficiency is also achieved through ergonomic design and individually adaptable workspace. Noteworthy is the process-controlled drive unit which reduces power consumption by up to 30 percent!


    • Movable on demand to where you need it when you need it – in less than five minutes.
    • First press brake to combine the entire setup and production from one single station greatly reduces non-productive bending time.
    • High-speed back gauge and ram speeds ensure the highest process efficiency to keep pace with today’s high-speed Fiber laser cutting machines.
    • Flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 80 tons offer a wide range of applications from thin and thicker materials.
    • Ultra-high-performance system with up to a 6-axis back gauge for fast, cost-efficient production of highly complex sheet metal shapes.
    • User-friendly Bystronic ByVision bending interface with full 22-in. HD touch screen seamlessly guides the user through the press brake setup and operating process.
    • Conveniently located adjustable and retractable working table interface zones increase production efficiency and reduce operator fatigue.
    • Process-controlled drive unit reduces power consumption by up to 30%.
    • NEW feature - Optical Tool Detection cameras recognize the data matrix codes on the tools and report if any deviances are detected.

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