Fein Canadian Power Tool

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Mississauga,  ON  L4Z 2E5

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FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company, founded in 1964 is the second oldest subsidiary of C. & E. Fein GmbH. FEIN Canada has endeavored to follow closely in the footsteps of German history and tradition by offering the Canadian market quality power tools supported by a high level of expertise and customer service. Each and every product meets the challenge of solving an application with an operator-oriented approach and lives up to the FEIN reputation for durability and performance, reinforcing our global presence as “metalworking specialists”. 


  • FEIN Cordless Variable Torque 3/4" Impact Wrench
    Made for Metal - Drill, tap, ream and fasten with one tool. The FEIN ASCD 18-1000 W34 Cordless Variable Torque Impact Wrench offers repeatable, consistent torque, screw connections from 1/2″ to 1¹/₁₆″, brushless motor and torque adjustment in 6 steps....

  • Combine the FEIN ASCD 18-1000 W34 with the VersaDrive system of drilling accessories to expand your range of applications, for incredible finished hole quality and the ultimate in precision and versatility.

    Shown here, is the FEIN ASCD 18-1000 W34 drilling 16mm holes into 20mm thick mild steel with a VersaDrive TurboTip drill bit . TurboTips are stepped tip bits that drill at twice the speed of standard bits, cutting a perfectly round hole without the need for pilot drilling.  

    Metal workers face multiple challenges in drilling, reaming, and tapping different sized holes in metal. VersaDrive is a modular, quick-change, system of cutting accessories optimized for cordless, corded and air tools.

    •  The only Impact-Wrench rated double-hardened cutting accessories.
    •  Up to 15X faster results than current everyday methods.
    •  Quick-change adaptors for faster working.
    •  Non-slip 11.0mm hex shank on all accessories.
    •  Designed to fit all standard drill chucks for pistol and pillar drills.
    •  Modular system with a choice of drive methods and adaptors.
    •  Safer working with impact wrench anti-kickback.
    •  High grade tool steel, optimized design.

    The VersaDrive product range is available in Canada through FEIN Canada,  offering innovative application solutions to the metalworking industry.