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Since 1951, George Products Company has been a pioneer in the Metal Products Fabrication Industry.

We are the manufacturer of the OASIS Elite, OASIS Core, OASIS CoreX2 and Elite Dual.

Our premier optical inspection systems combine accuracy and precision with a fast, easy to use operator interface.

  • Continuous Image Acquisition for Instant Measurements
  • Simultaneous Measure of Multiple Dimensions
  • File Linking
  • Non-Contact Operation
  • Accurate to +/- 0.0001 inches
  • Precision Optics
  • Powered by User-Friendly, Full-Featured Software
  • Measured Dimensions Saved in the OASIS Elite
  • Includes Automatic Inspection Reporting
  • Quality, Robust Construction
  • Complete Turn-Key Package - Ready to Run!

Free: Software upgrade, technical telephone support and product training.

Take a closer look inside the OASIS Elite to learn how it can save you time, money, and resources as we bring true Automated Precision to your Quality Control Department.

 Press Releases

  • OASIS Inspection Systems, makers of the popular Elite, Elite Dual, Core and CoreX2 optical profile inspection sytems have teamed with Edmunds Gages, makers of the worlds best air gaging, to bring the Accu-Touch side-by-side with the OASIS system for rapid, accurate, simultaneous measurements of external and internal features. In a single seating of the part aboard the size dedicated, back-pressure air gaging stage, a press of a button now captures up to four internal features, along with the OASIS' capacity of up to 95 external features of a work peice. Internal features with tolerances of .005" or less, and accuracy to millionths, combined with external features with accuracy of up to +/- .0001", are recorded almost instantly. Accept or reject status, a digital value of the actural measurements, and time/date stamp are recorded on the OASIS. One size does not fit all so contact your OASIS Distributor or OASIS directly to see how we can solve your measurement needs by designing and custom building solutions for your application.

  • The CoreX2 is the largest Field of View OASIS that measures multiple dimensions on a part to an accuracy of up to +/- .0002" and with the addition of the new Motorized Rotary Stage, parts can be rotated a full 360-degrees to get profile images and measurements from every aspect of the part. The Motorized Rotary Stage lets the user define how many times to rotate and measure the part. The OASIS returns not only the average of the data collections but also the MIN, MAX, and RANGE. To measure TIR the Centerline Tool can be used as a Spin Line or Axis of Rotation to make Concentricity and TIR measurements on systems equipped with a Motorized Rotary Stage. "Is my part round or oval?" "Are my ODs concentric?" "How are my threads?"

  • (Jul 27, 2021)


    • All dimensions are recorded and displayed simultaneously – up to 99 dimensions at once! 15 minutes worth of work in a second. The OASIS is faster because we don’t scan parts (which introduces variable resolution) – the OASIS measures continuously. No need to place every part in a fixture – because of the OASIS’ horizontal setup, if the part can stand it is measured instantly.


    • Up to +/- .0001” on the Elite and up to +/- .0002” on the CoreX2. More accurate because parts are measured the same way every time. No operator variation.


    • User-friendly interface means a faster learning curve – everyone on the shop floor and in the QC Lab can use the OASIS, not just one or two people. If you can use a mouse, you can use the OASIS.

    Measure On.

    • Data is collected with the click of a mouse. Every part, every measurement collected into a report that can be printed, turned into a spreadsheet or exported to your SPC software in real-time!

    OASIS Benefits:

    • Faster inspection time means faster hourly checks, changeovers, in-process and first-articles – less machine down time.
    • Subjectivity of manual gauging is eliminated.
    • Operator variation taken down to zero in a typical Gage R&R.

    Other Key Factors:

    • The OASIS is at home on the shop floor. At 80 pounds the machine is robust enough to be right with your machines. Light oil-mist is no problem for the OASIS.
    • Free software updates, phone support and training for as long as you own your machine.
    • Free Offline Software for remote programming of your OASIS so you can continue to inspect parts.
    • Everything that you need to measure parts the day you receive your machine is in the crate


  • OASIS Motorized Rotary Stage
    The OASIS Motorized Rotary Stage allows for inspection of parts as they rotate. 360 degree inspection at a 2D price point!...

  • The OASIS Motorized Rotary Stage can be used to make Concentricity and TIR measurements as well as identify an out-of-round condition on diameters. Set the Motorized Rotary Stage up to rotate the part 1 or more revolutions and set the number of data collections to be made in the rotation. The OASIS measures at a rate of 6 times per second so 30 data collections means a super-fast 5 second cycle time to get back MIN, MAX, AVERAGE and RANGE. 

    Come by and see us in Booth 1126 - even better, bring a part with you!

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