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21 Laurel Brook Rd
Middlefield,  CT  06455-1291

United States
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Zygo Corporation is a leading global provider of comprehensive metrology solutions, precision optics, and electro-optical design and manufacturing services for the both research and production applications. ZYGO designs and manufactures some of the world’s most advanced non-contact 3D measurement systems providing unmatched performance, versatility, reliability, and value.


  • Nexview™ 650
    The Nexview™ 650 metrology system is an inspection tool for automated measurement of injection molding tooling, PCBs, glass panels and other samples requiring an extended work volume up....

  • Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) is the measurement technology at the core of the Nexview™ 650 system.

    This non-contact technique provides high-precision, and high-value surface metrology benefits including:

    • Measures virtually all types of surfaces, from rough to super smooth, including thin films, steep slopes, and large steps.
    • Sub-nanometer measurement precision is independent of field magnification
    • Gage capable performance - exceptional precision and repeatability for the most demanding production applications.
    • SureScan™ vibration tolerance technology - robust operation in virtually any environment.
    • Mx™ software enables seamless data exchange with other ZYGO Profilers including ZeGage™ Pro, NewView™ 9000, and Nexview™ NX2.
  • ZeGage Pro
    The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR 3D optical profilers provide non-contact measurement and characterization of micro- and nano-scale features of many types of surfaces, ensuring quality control and process monitoring in your manufacturing environment....

  • The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR profilers are Coherence Scanning Interferometers (CSI) that provide 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces. Unlike other optical surface profilers, these systems maintain high precision at all of their magnification options. They are not affected by the environment they operate in. You can take them out of the QA lab, place them directly beside your production equipment, and get precise 3D surface metrology.
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