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Roboris is an industry leading manufacturing software technology company focused on CNC Machine Tool and Industrial Robot simulation & optimization solutions. Roboris was founded in 2001 in Pisa, Italy by Mirko Sgarbi and Gianluca Bioli. Originally devoted to producing complex Post Processors for Pro/ENGINEER and Catia,  in 2003 Roboris developed a specific application for simulating Anthropomorphic Robots. In 2005 a decision was made to focus 100% on the Machine Tool and Robot Simulation areas. The company develops Eureka Virtual Machining, an innovative application for simulating CNC Machine Tools and programming Robots (through CAD/CAM). Recently, we've introduced solutions for additive manufacturing and G-code toolpath optimization. All Roboris software is designed and developed internally, allowing for in-depth customization at any level. The Company’s business strategy is based on direct sales and partnerships with CAD/CAM developers and resellers, machine tool dealers, robot integrators and OEM's. At present, Eureka is sold and supported worldwide, through our direct subsidiaries, or our channel partners network. Over the years Roboris has earned a reputation of excellent customer service, both towards our direct customers and our channel partners. 


  • Eureka G-code
    Eureka G-Code is a leading NC simulation software and a reliable digital replica for any CNC machine. Eureka simulates the actual G-Code sent to the machine, regardless of how it was created, manually, or post processed from any CAM system....

  • Eureka G-code simulates the actual G-code regardless of how it was created, either manually, or post processed from a CAM Program. Eureka performs simulation based on a highly accurate and reliable “digital twin” of the machine tool and CNC controller.

    The majority of CAM programs simulations do not consider macros, subroutines , cycles, the “machine zero", axis strokes, or the management of multi-heads. However, Eureka can simulate all these conditions. Eureka can also simulate machines with greater than 5-axes and also probing routines.

    With Eureka G-code you can simulate, or emulate, all controller codes, including macros, parameters and constructor cycle variables such as:

    • Siemens G153-G500, SUPA, CYCLE 800, CYCLE976, CYCLE 81-87
    • Heidenhain PLANE SPATIAL, M91-M92
    • FANUC G68.2, G43.4, G81-G87, G53, G54.1P1

    Features & Benefits

    Complete digital replica of the actual machine

    Emulation of the same G-code running on the actual controller

    Interfaces for most popular CAD / CAM systems

    Additive and hybrid simulation

    Simulation of tool change, head change and pallet change

    Simulation of sliding head lathes and multi-channel mill-turn

    Simulation of complex cycles and probing operations

    Real-time collision detection and cutting conditions verification

  • Eureka Robot
    Eureka has been leading the robot milling applications arena for many years making possible to create models and artistic objects combining the flexibility of a 6 axes industrial robot with the reliable technology of a CNC machining center....

  • Eureka converts APT code generated by a CAM system into a program for a 6 or more axes robot cell using a dedicated postprocessing module. During the conversion process Eureka calculates the optimal movements of the robots and of the external axes simulating all aspects of the machining.

    The software detects problems like singularities, collisions, out of limits and it offers powerful, easy to use tools to overcome them. Collisions are computed taking into account all the parts including the machined stock. The 64 bit version allows very fast processing of files of unlimited size. Eureka Robot supports any number of external axes (rotary tables, linear rails, etc.), automatic tool changes, multiple spindles, shared motors, fixed tools and robot-mounted parts.

    Main features:

    • Realistic 3D simulation of the whole workcell
    • Real time material removal simulation
    • Collisions, singularities and out of limits detection
    • Automatic tool change management
    • Handling of huge tool paths with millions of points
    • Interactive editing of trajectories
    • Automatic robot and external axes movements optimization
    • Powerful visual tools for fixing collisions, singularities and out of limits
    • Machining with disks and blades
    • Machining with the workpiece mounted on the robot and fixed tools
    • Designed for all the industrial robots in the market: ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman, Kawasaki, Staubli, Comau
    • Can be interfaced with the most popular CAD/CAM and tools management systems: ALPHACAM, VISI, RTM, EDGECAM, GO2CAM, CAMWORKS, CREO, MASTERCAM, CIMATRON, GIBBSCAM, DELCAM, WORKNC, TEBIS, ZW3D, TDM, WINTOOL, ZOLLER TMS.
  • Eureka Chronos
    Eureka Chronos is a CNC feedrate optimization software that optimizes G-code program feedrates using A.I. based algorithms to maintain constant tool engagement and material removal, while maintaining the original CAM programs toolpath geometry.

  • What is Eureka Chronos?

    With your CAM system you have selected your tools, spindle speed and feedrates and have generated an ISO program that works in the machine. However, are you certain that your CAM program’s feed rates are fully optimized?

    Eureka Chronos uses the information extracted from the NC program simulation to modulate the feed speed and obtain optimal cutting conditions along the entire toolpath, thanks to a reliable and precise calculation of the cutting conditions.

    Chronos delivers outstanding results. Machines run more smoothly with less vibration, and more constant power draw. Tool life is extended up to 2X or more, and machining time can be reduced as much as 30%.

    Eureka Chronos has a very easy to use and intuitive UI. Users can also apply the highly automated Artificial Intelligence setting the applies optimal A.I. algorithm’s patented by Roboris

  • Eureka Additive
    Complete Software Solution for DED AND FFF Additive Manufacturing.
    Multi-axis additive toolpaths for CNC and robots. Live thermal simulation. Hybrid machining simulation.


  • 5-axis toolpath generation. Create features on existing planar or cylindrical bases.
    Multidirectional slicing. Cylindrical slicing. Shape of revolution. Pipes.
    The toolpath generation can be done either inside Eureka importing STL shapes or inside Rhinoceros(c) through a Eureka Additive plugin.

    Thermal simulation Live simulation. Colored map. Automatic cooling when the part becomes too hot.

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