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Founded in 1978, JW Winco is built on the belief that TRUE strength comes from our relationships with our customers, business partners, and employees. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and highest quality line of standard machine components and assembly hardware available in the world. 


  • Couplings
    Couplings from JW Winco transmit rotary motions and torques from shaft to shaft. They also even out tolerances and mechanical deflection that would otherwise result in damage to drive or measurement configurations.

  • Like all mechanical parts, shafts are subject to manufacturing and assembly tolerances that generally cannot be entirely eliminated even with extensive technical measures. Without compensation of these mechanical deviations, they can cause vibrations, noises, and stiffness, eventually reducing the lifespan of the connected units.

    Our recently added aluminum and stainless steel couplings address these issues and include designs for positive and non-positive connections. Multiple bore diameters, various, stiffness and hardness levels of the coupling body as well as an optional keyway allow very specific customization for various applications. In general, all couplings compensate for offsets and misalignments, accommodate runout error and axial motion, and dampen vibrations and impacts to varying degrees.

  • Pneumatic Clamps
    Pneumatic clamps allow automation of manual clamping action of standard toggle clamps. They are actuated by compressed air and can be used to securely clamp parts remotely by the push of a button. If the pressure fails, the pneumatic clamp remains closed....

  • Pneumatic clamps are standard elements in jig construction. Our product group has now been reworked – primarily to increase its lifespan and reliability. The most significant improvement has been made to the pneumatic cylinder, which now operates with a magnetic piston and has T-slots in the housing. Thanks to this slot, it is now much easier to attach sensors, while the magnetic piston permits more precise monitoring of the current position with the new sensor GN 3380.

    The pneumatic clamps of the GN 860 series now have hardened bushings and tempered bearing pins for significantly reduced wear. This allows the clamps to operate for more than 250,000 cycles. Structural reinforcement of the sheet metal housing reduces wear-inducing vibrations during operation, which makes a difference even under lower loads. And, finally, the new one-way restrictor in the cylinder enables smoother travel to extend the lifespan of the piston.

  • Linear Guide Rail Systems
    If precise, quiet and dynamic linear movements are required, linear guide rail systems are indispensable. For special applications, JW Winco is now producing its modular system in stainless steel....

  • Our most recent addition to our guide rail systems is the stainless steel version which comes in heights of 1.18 in (30 mm) and 1.77 in (45 mm). These guide rail systems are assembled from precisely matched components: linear guide rails GN 2492, the matching cam roller carriages GN 2494 and the separately available wipers of TPU plus the individual rollers with three different bore types. The exceptionally stable guide rails are produced in a rolling process and can be mounted using the typical bore pattern, even up to a rail length of 97.6 in (2480 mm). The compact cam roller carriages run securely within the C-shaped rail, and the vertical play can be adjusted on the middle roller. The ball bearings of the rollers are sealed, lubricated for life and FDA-compliant (as indicated by the blue seals). As a result, these linear guide rail systems can be used in corrosive environments as well as areas with strict hygienic requirements.