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The SCHUNK family company is a global leader when it comes to equipping modern production plants and robot systems. More than 3,500 employees in 9 plants and 34 national companies ensure an intensive market presence. With over 11,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the world's largest range of gripping systems and clamping technology from a single source. The consistent digitization of the portfolio allows users to plan their processes efficiently, transparently and economically. You also benefit from extensive application knowledge about the innovative production of tomorrow.


    The ADHESO grippers are optimally suited for use in medical and laboratory applications. Due to the particle-free and energy-efficient gripping process, ADHESO grippers can be used without any problems even in hygienically sensitive environments....

  • Description
    Customer-specific gripper units with ADHESO technology.

    Primarily smooth and clean surfaces in the area of ​​assembly, electronics production, but also medical technology. Residue-free handling applications where the handling object is only accessible from one side.
  • iTENDO²
    With the iTENDO², it has been possible to combine the excellent features of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with the possibilities of digital process monitoring in one toolholder....

  • With our new iTENDO² we have taken the idea of intelligent toolholders to the next level. It is available in three different packages to make switching to this technology even easier. One common element in all of them is the iTENDO² toolholder, which, due to its closest-to-the-part acceleration sensor, provides precise stability values that can be used to optimize the machining processes. As a tool to increase your process transparency, the basic version of the toolholder can send the captured data directly to the tablet supplied. With the variant "easy connect", the measured values can be transferred to other systems via an analog interface. In the variant "pro", which will be available in the future, it will also be possible to send the data directly to the machine control system.
    All variants are upward compatible, i.e. you can use the tablet PC variant to start testing the technology. Once you are convinced of the benefits of an intelligent toolholder, it is easy to switch to the more extensive packages for monitoring and optimizing your processes automatically.
  • SCHUNK EGH Gripper
    For simple automation with cobots, the electric SCHUNK EGH offers enormous advantages due to its large and variable stroke. Small to medium-sized workpieces in the areas of handling, assembly and electronics can be gripped flexibly....

  • Advantages – Your benefits

    Long and freely programmable stroke
    for flexible workpiece handling

    Plug & Work
    for a quick and simple start of production

    Integrated status display
    For a visual indicator of the application state

    Control via IO-Link
    enables the prepositioning of the gripper finger and the evaluation of the gripper condition

    Gripping movement with parallel kinematics
    for constant gripping force over the entire stroke

    Easily accessible assembly quick-release fastener
    for quick and easy attachment of the gripper to the robot

    Optionally attachable flexible fingers
    for increased flexibility and the gripper's range of application