Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing

11-A Pacifique Street East
Bromont,  QC  J2L 1J4

  • Booth: 900

Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing - Everything additive manufacturing should be 

Solaxis specializes in large-format industrial 3D printing with advanced and certified thermoplastics, for production parts, functional prototypes and specialized tooling. Our main industries are aerospace, defence, ground transportation and industrial sectors.

Geared for world-class manufacturing, we have developed a high-quality production process to assure good management of projects in leading-edge sectors.

Take advantage of our unparalleled expertise and service - our customers enjoy complete peace of mind and productive relationships with our team.

The additive manufacturing service perfectly adapted to industrial sectors:

  • Specialized engineering expertise
  • Large-production capacity – Quick turnaround
  • Large build envelop (3 x 2 x 3 feet)
  • Unparalleled precision, repeatability and quality
  • High performance thermoplastics
  • Professional-grade finishing
  • Department and quality management system
  • High reliability equipment and infrastructure


  • New high-resolution SLS technology
    An optimal solution for complex and quality parts of small series!
    > Reduced cost per part: optimized batch production
    > Superior mechanical properties at lower cost
    > Superior surface finish
    > Automated post-processing: dyeing and sealing...

  • An optimal solution for complex and quality parts of small series!

    With this new world-class high-resolution SLS technology, we can produce more parts in less time, which has an impact on production costs, plus a superior surface finish.


    • Production-grade and functional parts
    • Parts requiring precision and superior surface finish
    • Required high and specific mechanical properties
    • Production of small or medium series or batches
    • Projects requiring short deadlines


    • Up to 10,000 pieces per month
    • Large-build envelope 15 x 15 x 17 in
    • High-performance thermoplastics
    • Impressive level of details achievable
    • Consistency & reliability of production


    • Optimization of small and medium series production without expensive tooling
    • Quick turnaround with higher throughput
    • Rivals traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding
    • Effective for components with complex design


    • Consistent smooth surface finish process
    • Repeatable H-SLS coloring system
    • Sealed and washable parts with injection molding like surfaces
    • Eco-friendly process
  • Nylon PA 11 CF (Carbon Filled) SLS thermoplastic
    Nylon PA 11 CF (Carbon Filled) SLS thermoplastic: for lightweight and robust parts....

  • Nylon PA 11 CF (carbon-filled) SLS thermoplastic: lightweight and robust parts

    Nylon PA 11 CF (carbon-filled) is designed for high performance applications. The parts produced by this carbon fiber reinforced material have high tensile strength, elasticity and high impact resistance. It is therefore ideal for applications in environments where high strengths and rigidity are required and/or parts are exposed to particular environments (eg chemicals, detergents, oil). It allows robust lightweight designs thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Nylon PA 11 ESD SLS thermoplastic
    Nylon PA 11 ESD: engineering grade SLS thermoplastic with electrostatic discharge properties...

  • Nylon PA 11 ESD: engineering grade SLS thermoplastic with electrostatic discharge properties

    This material with electrostatic discharge properties is optimal for advanced applications and in environments where electrostatic discharges matters.

    Thanks to its interesting mechanical properties, it offers new possibilities for a wide range of new applications, in particular for the electronics sector. Its great mechanical and thermal characteristics make it particularly interesting for electronic boxes, durable jigs, fixtures and tools for electronics industry.