1870 General George Patton Drive
Franklin,  TN  37067

United States
  • Booth: 711

HORN USA, Inc. Franklin, TN is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Horn S.A. Luxemburg, Europe's leading supplier of grooving tools and a world leader in precision grooving technology. The company was incorporated in the US in 1997.

Manufacturing it in North America:
Since 2001, the US operation has had local tool design manufacturing capabilities. Through the years the capacity has been significantly increased and currently HORN USA manufactures over 50% of their sales in the facility in Franklin, TN.
Special Tooling Capabilities:
Manufacture of customized tooling accounts for a substantial amount of HORN USA sales, and the combination of local design engineering as well as production allow for a rapid and detailed response to customers requirements. A customized tooling solution will often save the end user many thousands of dollars through improved productivity, longer tool life and enhanced accuracy.

HORN USA is an ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified company.



  • Narrow Width Mini Milling
    HORN has extended its circular interpolation system for slot milling of grooves. Horn offers the tools in cutting widths from 0.25 mm (0.01") to 1 mm (0.039")....

  • The circular milling system offers users a host of process advantages: it is fast, reliable and achieves good surface finish. During the process, the tool plunges into the material either at an angle or horizontally and may then be driven on a helical path. This means that threads, for example, can be manufactured to a high level of reproducible quality. When compared to machining using indexable inserts on larger diameters or solid carbide milling cutters on smaller diameters, circular interpolation milling is generally more economical. Circular interpolation milling cutters have a wide range of applications: they are able to machine steel, special steels, titanium and special alloys. These precision tools are especially well suited to groove milling, circular interpolation milling, thread milling, T-slot milling and profile milling.
  • DR Large
    The new DR-Large reaming system demonstrates expertise in the machining of bores. The latest DR tool offers easy handling and high-precision thanks to the proven technology of the DR system....

  • The new DR-Large reaming system demonstrates expertise in the machining of bores.  The latest DR tool offers easy handling and high-precision thanks to the proven technology of the DR system.  The large number of cutting edges and high feed rates reduce cycle time and machining costs.  Modular construction and solid carbide inserts offer the user exceptional flexibility.  Tool setting is not necessary when exchanging the cutter’s head as HORN offers reconditioning service for the DR-Large system.  The versatile and powerful interchangeable high-feed reamer is perfectly suited for finishing large bores from Ø140 mm (5.512”) to Ø200.2 mm (7.881”).

    The modular construction of the reaming tools can be extended to any length with beta module standard components.  The beta module interface is ABS-compatible.  HORN offers six types of cutter heads to cover the entire range of diameters in 10 mm (.394”) increments.  All cutter heads are manufactured with internal through coolant to each cutting edge.  The custom insert interface  offers extreme precision and insert interchangeability within microns.

    High-precision, high-feed reaming is a very economical machining process compared to the boring of tight tolerance holes.  The motivation behind DR-Large is the customer demand to replace large diameter tools with inserts brazed into a fixed position and tools that are diameter specific.  The fixed tools require delicate handling, are often heavy, require skilled users, and present logistical challenges when replacing worn tools.  HORN offers a perfect solution with the DR-Large pre-calibrated exchangeable reaming head.