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The Lynxter S600D is a modular industrial 3D printer with an interchangeable printhead system for depositing technical materials: thermoplastics, silicones, ceramics. A unique machine with the largest range of materials / equipment on the market for a wide variety of applications, whatever the material and situation (emergency manufacturing, single series, prototyping, R & D, etc.).

Lynxter is a French company founded in 2016, this business specialises in designing additive manufacturing machine tools oriented 4.0. Lynxter pushes the limits of 3D printing with its versatile and powerful printer, the S600D. It is capable of printing a wide range of materials with different processes: filaments, liquids, pastes. An open machine (materials, tools, and software) dedicated to industrial performance and reliability, within a quality and dynamic ecosystem. The expertise of the support and development services provided by the company gives many people access to cutting-edge know-how information, so they can fully benefit from the optimal user experience.


  • S600D
    At Lynxter, we break boundaries. The S600D is the first powerful and versatile 3D printer capable of printing a wide range of materials using different processes: thermoplastic filaments, liquid silicones and ceramic pastes.

  • A scalable, industrial, open, and ultra-versatile multi-process center. Ready to be equipped with toolheads for a variety of materials and processes.

    Specs S600D

    • Build volume Ø390mm x 600mm
    • Layer height 50μm à >1mm
    • Max. moving speed of toolhead 500mm/s
    • Build surface > Removable / Hot-swappable  /Precision-ground surface
    • Print job protection: Material run-out detection
    • Piloting: Standalone touch screen and Web interface
    • Connectivity: Ethernet
    • Automatic calibration > Build surface levelling / Geometrical correction / Tool height levelling
    • Dimensions: l 913 x L 851 x H 1644 mm
    • Toolhead: Modular. Quick mechanical,electronic and water-cooling connectors
    • X,Y,Z resolution: 12.5μm, 12.5μm, 12.5μm
    • Material supply: Modular
    • Thermal environment: Heated build surface: 20°C to 200°C / Build chamber: 20°C to 80°C / Water-cooled toolhead
    • Manufacturing file format Gcode standard
    • Customizable firmware Lynxter S600D firmware (RepRapFirmware base)
    • Power: 230V AC 16A 50-60Hz
    • Health and safety: Removable double HEPA H14/activated /Carbon filtration / Locked machine access
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