Indo-MIM Inc

115 Floral Vale Blvd
Yardley,  PA  19067

United States
  • Booth: 1522

From a humble beginning in 1997, Indo-MIM has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of Metal Injection Molded (MIM) components to diverse industries. Our San Antonio facility is the largest MIM facility in North America. 

We currently ship more than 150 million parts/yr to 300+ global customers in 30+ countries. Our market segments are Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer, Industrial, Defense, sporting goods, Hand & Power tools etc.

Now, Indo-MIM Inc. is proud to bring you  Binder-Jet Metal 3D Printing, a cutting-edge technology. Binder Jet Metal 3D printing is 100X faster and significantly cheaper than laser-based Metal 3D printing processes. Currently, the Binder-Jet Metal 3D printing process is designed to produce components in small to medium volumes (10~100,000 parts/yr). In the next 5 years, we are confident that the process can cater to 500,000 parts/yr comfortably at the costs comparable to conventional metalworking processes.

Following are some more details for your quick reference.

  • Materials available: SS 17-4PH, SS 316 and M2 Tool Steel. More material options under development.
  • Post sintering, printed parts achieve 97% minimum density and display material properties very close to the corresponding wrought materials.
  • A perfect process for proto-sample developments and small volume production.
  • Complex geometries beyond the current tooling capabilities can be easily produced.
  • No upfront tool development costs.
  • Design changes on the parts are easy to implement without excessive lead time OR tool change costs.

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