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A new printing paradigm

Quantica 3D jetting technology for ultra high performance materials enables printing of multi material products and parts that have never been possible before. Over 4 years we developed a novel printhead technology for ejecting fluids with extremely high viscosities for additive manufacturing applications. Our technology is a complete paradigm shift in terms of working principles. 15x higher viscosity liquids open up an application space inaccessible to legacy technology.

Ultra high viscosity jetting will fundamentally advance the printing of high value products for complex applications in the future.

  • Photo real 3D Models
  • Multi material dental parts
  • Metal, Ceramic, Glass objects
  • Printed Electronics
  • Printed Displays
  • Printing optical parts
  • Bio and organ printing

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 Press Releases

  • The Berlin-based 3D printing start-up that has pushed the boundaries of multi-material jetting to new limits, announces the JetPack. A fully integrated R&D unit that gives researchers the opportunity to test and analyze high-performance fluids for multi-material 3D printing. 

    Last November, Quantica announced their ultra-high viscosity printing technology capable of jetting high-performance resins with voxel-level control to print functional, multi-colored, high-strength, and multi-material products in one process. Compared to legacy technologies, Quantica is adept at printing materials 15 times more viscous.


    The JetPack, which is now ready for sale, will provide an affordable opportunity for customers to test Quantica’s high viscosity printing abilities on their own. The device seamlessly pairs with dropwatchers and print test stations to select and validate materials and drive electronics compatibility with Quantica’s printheads. In this way Quantica supports their partners in developing a wide range of new materials and use cases to deliver higher-value end products.  


    Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA is one of the first research partners utilizing Quantica's JetPack. Using the device for the research and development of photorealistic printed objects and applications that combine high-performance materials. 


    “We are looking forward to explore the potential of Quantica's new printhead technology to process novel materials and tap into new fields of application for functional photopolymer jetting.”, says Jan Janhsen, Group Manager at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA


    An example of Quantica’s current printing capabilities can be seen in the photograph below showing multi-material dental parts. Quantica printheads are able to jet off-the-shelf dental SLA/DLP resins in combination. The result is high aesthetic, multi-material, permanent dental parts delivered in one single printing process. 

    Dental is not Quantica’s only targeted industrial application. Quantica’s printhead is capable of supporting a wide range of industries and applications including medical, automotive, aerospace, and more. Quantica is accepting additional partners across all sectors to further explore development and applications for the next frontier of material jetting with high-performance materials. The team will show the JetPack at Rapid TCT in Detroit and IPI in Düsseldorf from May 17-19, 2022. 


    Press information, please contact:

    Head of Marketing | Julie Kuhrt 


    +49 0176 61370311

    Corporate information, please contact:

    CEO | Claus Moseholm


    +45 23 31 47 56


    CTO | Ramon Borrell


    +44 77 95 39 69 58


    About Quantica

    Quantica™ is a 3D printing company founded on a vision to print high-value products in a simple singular workflow. The team has developed a jetting technology capable of printing ultra-high viscosity fluids in a wide range of material combinations. Think multi-material, multi-color, ultra-high viscosity, biocompatible, conductive, photorealistic, functional, sustainable, and more. Quantica is a 30+ employee, €10m in funding startup headquartered in Berlin, Germany. To learn more, follow Quantica on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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