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Roboze 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites helps the world's manufacturing companies make their production processes more efficient and develop cutting-edge products.

In particular, the Production Series, was developed to produce large and medium custom parts directly on site.

Thanks to this technological evolution in the 3D printing, the company has created Roboze Distributed Manufacturing, the new production and logistics model that brings 3D printing to the world of customized manufacturing.

Today, Roboze printed thousands of parts, demonstrating the uniqueness of this service: parts tolerances repeatability and metal replacement performance whenever, wherever.

A part printed in Houston is exactly the same to a part printed in Singapore.

With this model Roboze wants to connect demand with supply, creating a distributed production model, which allows to produce avoiding waste, reducing shipments, reducing CO2 emissions and bringing production back to the point of use.


  • Roboze ARGO 1000
    ARGO 1000 is the world’s first 3D printer with heated chamber designed to produce large-scale parts with super polymers and composites for industrial applications. The first-of-its kind printer marks an enormous transformation in the AM industry....

  • The Roboze ARGO 1000 can produce parts up to one cubic meter, nearly 40 inches by 40 inches by 40 inches, radically transforming the way industries, including aerospace, energy, transportation, MedTech and automotive, can fabricate lighter, higher-quality components. Using more sustainable and high-performing super polymers and composites such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ULTEM ™ AM9085F, Roboze is reducing the current strain on global supply chains and rapidly replacing metal parts and mission-critical components for extreme applications.

    The ARGO 1000 production system includes:

    • Heated and controlled working chamber with printing dimensions equal to one cubic meter (39.37 x 39.37 x 39.37 inches)
    • Process control on par with CNC machining and injection molding resulting in process accuracy and repeatability equal to 99.96% of parts obtained on multiple machines
    • Dramatic reduction in production time with comprehensive monitoring capabilities, remote diagnostic tools, and predictive maintenance
    • Software parameters and constant remote updates for continuous performance improvements
    • Certification of every single piece produced via a comprehensive Print Log System that monitors all parameters, temperatures, and factors involved to create a digital model of the part produced
    • Printing capability using more than 10 materials including PEEK, Carbon PEEK, Carbon PA, and ULTEM ™ AM9085F
    • Double extruder with the ability to process soluble and breakaway supports
    • Loading system up to 17.6 lbs./8kg of material with automatic material change in case material ends during the printing process
    • Beltless System for achieving mechatronic handling accuracies up to 10 microns
    • Automatic self-leveling floor
    • Head self-calibration system
    • Material management inside the machine: drying and pre-heating systems with automatic material loading and monitoring of usage levels
    • Remote management of the machine and interfacing with production ERP systems to monitor the production flow
  • Roboze ARGO 500
    ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for Metal Replacement equipped with the Roboze Automate technological ecosystem, which brings industrial automation to 3D printing. It is repeatable, automated and controlled, like any other production process....

  • ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for super polymers and composites equipped with the Roboze Automate technological ecosystem, which brings industrial automation to 3D printing. Thanks to the combination of hardware, advanced sensors, B&R PLC control, Roboze Beltless technology and total process control, Roboze 3D printing is repeatable, automated and controlled, like any other industrial production process.

    ARGO 500 has been designed to produce finished parts using the highest performing super polymers and composites of the entire sector, monitoring the management of the material, from hygroscopic control to drying and preheating, up to the gradual cooling phase of the produced part. Everything is designed to achieve extraordinary mechanical performance.

    Speed and repeatability
    The patented Roboze Beltless system has made the use of rubber belts in 3D printers obsolete, replacing them with racks and pinions, thus achieving the mechanical accuracy typical of a machine tool. Beltless technology, combined with the B&R industrial automation system, increases production speed, precision and repeatability of the printed parts.

    Integration into production
    ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for super polymers equipped with PLC technology from B&R (ABB Group). Roboze and B&R have collaborated to bring for the first time industrial automation into 3D printing systems dedicated to metal replacement, making ARGO 500 integrate and communicate with the entire production workflow in smart factories.

    Metal Replacement
    Roboze has introduced on the market super polymers and composites suitable for the replacement of metal alloys in environments where high temperatures, high chemical resistance and mechanical properties are required. Thanks to industrial partnerships such as the one with Solvay, Roboze has helped hundreds of companies to change production methods and replace metals, optimizing time and costs.

    Automated control
    In ARGO 500, all the process variables are controlled in a completely automatic way, eliminating the manual operations and the experience required by the operator - from the leveling of the build plate to the calibration of the extruder, from the insertion and automatic change of filament up to the functions of drying and preheating of the material. Everything is automated and controlled.

    Process certification
    Thanks to the powerful B&R industrial computer it is equipped with, the ARGO 500 controls, analyzes and stores all the information and parameters used in the production process. The system, at the end of each print cycle, creates a data log recorded automatically in the internal memory. This allows the certification of every single part.

    Communication and maintenance
    ARGO 500 is equipped with remote maintenance modules to analyze possible anomalies and to reduce the possibility of downtime for the advantage of productivity. The remote management feature includes the automatic sending of software updates to allow the ARGO 500 to evolve over time, acquiring new features, parameters and intelligence.
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