5 Wayne Court Dandenong
Melbourne,  Victoria  3175

+1 610-416-7605
  • Booth: 1901

SPEE3D is a manufacturer of the world's fastest metal 3D printers with the most affordable metal manufacturing capability. Founded in Australia with representatives in the US, SPEE3D is an innovative supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. SPEE3D focuses on the development, assembly, and distribution of machines and integrated system solutions based on the patented cold-spray technology. The products enable significantly faster, lower-cost, and more scalable production than traditional metal printing techniques for copper and aluminum and other materials. SPEE3D’s printers are designed, manufactured and tested in Australia prior to shipment. In recent years, SPEE3D has undertaken technology development and product testing activities with the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Navy in the form of trials and other collaboration projects. Furthermore, since beginning export activities in 2018, SPEE3D has been highly involved with US organizations, which include: the US Army, the US Navy, the University of Delaware, EWI, and Penn State University’s Applied Research DoD Laboratory.


  • SPEE3D's Expeditionary Metal 3D Printing Machines
    It is the world's first and only proven deployable metal 3D printing technology, with the ability to print parts anywhere at any time at base, in the field, or at sea....

  • At Rapid+TCT 2022, SPEE3D will be exhibiting and running its smallest machine, the LightSPEE3D tactical. SPEE3D's technology is the world's first and currently only AM technology capable of additively manufacturing parts in expeditionary situations, proven by the Australian Army during their 2020 Mount Bundey and 2021 Bradshaw Training Area metal 3D printing trials of their WarpSPEE3D tactical machine. 

    SPEE3D's machines are the world's fastest cold spray metal 3D printers with the most affordable metal manufacturing capability. At Rapid+TCT 2022, SPEE3D will present its LightSPEE3D machine, which is capable of producing metal parts 350mm x 300mm in diameter and up to 4kg in weight; at a deposition rate of 100g a minute.

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