Orbital Composites

480 Vandell Way
Campbell,  CA  95008-6908

United States
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  • Services and Machines
    Orbital Composites offers Manufacturing as a Service and Orbital Machines to empower customers to raise the standard of their products and vehicles....

  • Manufacturing as a Service

    You want it, we print it.

    Prototyping and production no longer have to take forever. From design to print, to print services, and onsite support with Orbital printers, our Orbital Manufacturing Program can speed time to market, reduce tooling and molds cost, and reduce lead time. One of our customers describes our platform as the “technological linchpin to commercialize and manufacture a bold design vision.”

    Prepare for Production

    • Optimal 3D slicing
    • Robot tool path generation & optimization
    • Material & process optimization

    Prototype to Full-Scale Manufacturing

    • Sample article printing & testing
    • Final article manufacturing
    • Post-processing for required surface finish

    Orbital Machines

    Orbital Mini


    A compact system for those with big dreams.

    Orbital S

    The robotic 3D printer built for industrial scale.

    Orbital S is an industrial-grade robotic 3D printer, that enables mass production of large end-use parts. It is built to scale rapidly, so you can build a large robot print factory in no time.


    Configure a team of robots that work together to create end-use parts. 12-axis robot collaboration improves part performance with complex designs.


    Combine different End Effectors to create multi-functional products. Create efficient parts using tools, hybrid materials, and embedded wiring.


    Manufacture with multiple advanced composite materials. Carbon, Glass, and other continuous fibers can be combined with pre-approved aerospace matrices.

    Orbital F

    Print large-scale, on-site, anywhere.

    Orbital F Robotic 3D Printing Platform enables on-site manufacturing of large continuous fiber composite structures with high precision, and at a lower cost.


    Scale up with the fastest continuous fiber printing system ever developed. 


    Keep costs low at high volume production of large end-use parts, products, and vehicles.


    Make anything anywhere with on-site additive and hybrid manufacturing.

    AMCM (Additive Manufacturing-Compression Molding)

    The best of both worlds.

    Combining Additive Manufacturing with traditional manufacturing methods, such as Compression Molding, enables Aerospace-quality parts at Automotive cost.

    High Volume Production

    With robotic automation, an automated shuttle system, and a press, attain cycle times as low as 2–3 minutes.

    Aerospace Quality

    Using a high-pressure press and heated mold, achieve low porosity, high fiber alignment, and a Class-A surface finish.

    Automotive Cost

    Printing with Orbital’s economical continuous ThermoFiber feedstock, take high-performance parts to the next level.

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