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VAC-U-MAX is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum conveying systems that convey, screen, recover and reuse metal powders including Inconel, Stainless Steel, Haynes 282, Titanium, and Cobalt Chrome. The VAC-U-MAX AM-MPRS System increases the productivity of Additive Manufacturing Machines by extracting powder from the printing bed using vacuum, sieving the powder for future use - eliminating operator/plant exposure to powders and dust. AM-MPRS maximizes metal powder processing efficiency, plant safety, productivity, and overall cost savings due to its capability to screen and reuse expensive metal powders. 

This system is designed for easy handling of metal powders in a closed system. Utilizing vacuum, the VAC-U-MAX AM-MPRS System extracts metal powders, conveying them to a VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Receiver, discharging the metal powders into a sieve. The sieve then discharges the metal powders into a pail, drum or IBC, in an inert environment. AM-MPRS is NFPA 484 compliant for handling metal powders. For more information visit 


  • Metal Powder Recovery Systems for 3D Printing
    AM-MPRS extracts powder from the printing bed using vacuum, then sieving the powder for future use. System uses advanced vacuum technology to fully extract powder from the printing bed, then sieve it for future use—all in the 85% less time!...

  • The MPRS uses a compressed gas-powered VAC-U-MAX venturi to vacuum metal powders from the AM printing bed. Powder is separated from the airstream by gravity-drop and a surface filter, then discharged into a surge hopper, which meters the powder onto the screen deck of the sieve. Here larger powders and agglomerations are separated from smaller particles; the smaller particles pass through the screen and the sieve outlet into the collection container (aided by an ultrasonic generator that enhances powder flow), making them immediately available for reuse. Typical metal powders include Inconel, Stainless Steel, Haynes 282 and Cobalt Chrome. Using vacuum, the system will extract the powder, convey it to a vacuum receiver and then discharge the powder into a sieve. The sieve will then discharge powder into a pail, drum or IBC - in an inert environment. 

    • Full powder recovery
    • NFPA 484-compliant
    • Recovers Iconel, Stainless Steel, Haynes 282 and Cobalt Chrome metal powders, including water-reactive powders
    • Reduces cross-contamination of powders
    • Screened powder is available for immediate reuse, blending with virgin materials, storage, or recycling
    • Minimizes operator exposure 


    • Faster processing time
    • Also handles polymer powders and ceramics
    • Standard inert gas purge feature
    • Quick take-apart, no special tools needed
    • Low profile, mobile design
    • Made in the USA
    • Local product support
    • Full performance guarantee


    The VAC-U-MAX AM-MPRS, Metal Powder Recovery System, consists of the following components:
    • Pick up hand tool, 304 stainless steel construction with standard KF fitting
    • Static conductive hose, smooth bore. Hose for non-aerospace application to be PVC construction, FDA and USDA approved. Aero-space application to be flexible stainless steel hose smooth bore construction.
    • VAC-U-MAX, Vacuum Receiver Package with 36 square feet of filter area, counter weighted discharge valve. 316L stainless steel construction.  
    • Inert gas purge fittings with gas purge manifold 
    • HEPA Filter canister with filter
    • Vacuum Generator- VAC-U-MAX Single Venturi Power Unit. Compressed air driven vacuum generator. ½” NPT high-pressure air connection. Requires 35CFM @ 60PSI for operation. With variable orifice assembly for adjustment of vacuum levels.
    • High output suspended vibratory sieving machine with US230 Mesh and Ultrasonic Deblinding kit.
    • Bonding and grounding kit
    • UL Certified control panel NEMA 4 enclosure. Control panel will incorporate micro PLC for vacuum conveying functions, a starter for sieve, ground and bonding monitor, face mount ultrasonic control 
    • Rolling frame, carbon steel powder coated. Square tubular frame with locking casters.  
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