Prima Additive s.r.l.

Via Torino-Pianezza 34
Collegno,  TO  10093

  • Booth: 1615

Prima Additive is an Italian company that develops, manufactures, sells, and distributes industrial systems for metal Additive Manufacturing applications.

Benefiting from its long-standing experience in the field of laser machinery and services, Prima Additive supports its customers in developing innovative applications driven by emerging needs and demand in major industrial sectors where Additive Manufacturing is rapidly evolving.

Prima Additive is one of the few manufacturers and distributors in the world to offer the best laser technology for additive manufacturing: Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Direct Energy Deposition (DED). 

Prima Additive is geared towards comprehensive customer support and provides a suite of services that can be tailored to the different needs of each company. 

Prima Additive provides: advanced training, application-oriented technical consultancy for additive manufacturing, additive product re-design, and process optimisation. We are fully in line with the roadmap for developing Industry 4.0: the smart industry of the future.


  • Print Green 150
    Print Green 150 is Prima Additive's Powder Bed Fusion solution with a green laser for processing highly reflective materials such as pure copper.

    It has a cylindrical building volume of Ø150 mm and H = 160 mm and a configuration with open parameters....

  • Print Green 150 is Prima Additive's Powder Bed Fusion solution with a green laser for processing highly reflective materials such as pure copper.

    It has a cylindrical building volume of Ø150mm and H = 160mm and a configuration with open parameters

    Like the other machines in the 150 Series, it is equipped with a system for adjusting the focal point of the laser beam as required, so that parameters are always optimized to suit the application. It also has a dual pre-heating system that allows the surface of the powder bed to be heated both from above and below via a heated plate, thus allowing the powder bed to reach a temperature of up to 300°C. 

    The high-speed coaxial pyrometer monitors the temperature in real-time and 2 cameras monitor the process and the powder bed. The system has open parameters, suitable for process and material research and development. 

    The system has optimized gas flow for minimum nitrogen or argon consumption and material can be changed in less than two hours thanks to modular components.

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