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No 3318 Linggongtang Rd
Jiaxing City,  Zhejiang Province  314006

  • Booth: 1536

TOP is a new high-tech manufacturer specialized in design, manufacturer,sales and service of industrial environmental protection and explosion proof equipment from China. TOP has obtained export license. TOP's equipment is widely used in aerospace,3D printing and other industries.TOP's products had been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in North America,Europe,Africa,Southeast Asia,etc. TOP's agents and partners are already in many foreign countries. TOP has been successively selected by GE,TRUMPF,Honeywell,LG,Volkswagen,Tesla,EOS,SLM Solutions,RENISHAW, Oerlikon,BLT,E-Plus,TSC,3D SYSTEMS,HBD,SHINING 3D,etc. In order to meet the demand of international and domestic market, our products are all designed and manufactured according to IEC international standards.Some products had obtained ATEX and ETL certification. TOP takes "making the industrial environment safer and more environmentally friendly" as its mission, takes social responsibility as its own duty, drives the development of the company through continuous innovation, and then makes greater contribution to the development of society.


  • Sieving station TSF-400
    1. Explosion proof design.
    2. Can sieve Aluminium or Titanium powder.
    3. Work with TVC-250E powder conveyor is optional.
    4. Ultrasonic is optional, but suggested.
    5. Already had exported to Korea, Japan, Turkey, Jordan, France and USA, etc....

  • This machine used for powder reclaim purpose.  Lots of Titanium and Aluminium powder can be considered to be recycled for reuse after 3D printing finished.  During the sieving job processing, inside environment have to be considered as a hazardous area zone 20, explosion proof is necessary. Ultrasonic is a good choice for this mesh clear system, and the efficiency will be ten times than motor only. The powderparticles will be easily oxidized if touch with the air.  Inert gas input system had been designed for protecting these powder during sieving job process to keep powder reach a good quality. Meanwhile inert gas will act a role of explosion proof function.
  • Powder conveyor TVC-250E
    1. Explosion proof design.
    2. Can collect Aluminium or Titanium powder.
    3. Work with TSF-400 sieving station is optional.
    4. Max powder container is reached to 20L.
    5. Three phase electrical operated....

  • This machine used for powder collect purpose.  Lots of Titanium and Aluminium powder can be considered to be recycled for re-use after 3D printing finished.  During the recycle job processing, the printer inside environment have to be considered as a hazardous area Zone 20, explosion proof is necessary for this powder conveyor. For keeping healthy of operator during the powder transfer from printer to bin, this machine had been designed automatically process inside.  Powder will not be touched by operator's eye, skin for worker's safer operation. A high pressure of double frequency fan had been used in this machine. With advantage of long time continuous working, Strong power, high efficiency and low noise. Valve sensor designed for opening automatically.  Self-clean function make HEPA filter longer life with pressure gauge monitoring its working status.
  • Conveyor sieving station TVS-400VAD
    1. Explosion proof design.
    2. Can sieve Aluminium or Titanium powder.
    3. Suction unit and sieving unit are combined.
    4. Ultrasonic is included.
    5. CE ATEX, ETL certified....

  • TVS-400 series is a combination of powder conveyor and sieving station, used for explosive metal powder reclaim purpose in safe working area.  Lots of Titanium and Aluminium powder can be considered to be recycled for re-use after 3D printing finished.  During the sieving job processing, the sieving inside environment have to be considered as a hazardous area Zone 20, thus explosion proof is necessary for this powder sieving machine. Ultrasonic is a good choice for this mesh clear system, efficiency will be ten times than motor only.  The powder particles will be easily oxidized if touch with the air, a inert gas input system had been designed for protecting these powder during sieving job process to keep powder with a good quality.  Meanwhile inert gas will act a role of Explosion-proof function. One machine multiple powder can be carried out by modularization design without any exchange pollution in quick time. Meet the requirement of multiple powders treatment in additive manufacturer industries.
  • Powder removal system TCB-100
    1. Explosion proof design.
    2. Depowdering unit for Aluminium or Titanium powder.
    3. Inert protection inside.
    4. Clean the residual powder of 3D printing parts in a complex geometric path.
    5. Parts angle can be adjusted in 360°...

  • This series of equipment is mainly used in safe area to clean the residual powder of 3D printing parts in a complex geometric path, which is difficult to clean by conventional technology. Metal powders are usually flammable and explosive, so explosion protection is a necessary performance of the equipment. This series of equipment has been certified by a third-party authorized body.Inert gas protection type can be choice for different powder. Closed glove box design, machine can be operated with environmental friendly.Parts angle can be adjusted in 360° for easy cleaning its powder inside. Parts angle can be controlled by both program and manual. Meanwhile a ergonomic design rocker for easy operation. Blowing and vacuum device are designed to match dust vacuum facilityTCB-100 with inert gas protection system, oxygen and pressure detection in real time.
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