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eSUN, established in 2002. With the theme of Green, the company is committed to the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials, specialized in biological materials, green solvent research and development, production and operation. The company is a melting extrusion class 3D printed polylactic acid consumables, polycaprolactone two national standards lead drafting units, polylactic acid and more than 10 national standards to participate in drafting units. An environmentally friendly materials industrial park has been established in Xiaogan, Hubei, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of polymers, 15,000 tons of lactic acid esters, 5,000 tons of polyols and 5,000 tons of 3D printing materials.  The brand "eSUN" 3D printing filaments sold to more than 80 countries and regions, the world-renowned.


  • ePLA-HF
    Smooth flow without blocking.
    Faster cooling and forming.
    More suitable for high-speed printing....

  • Through the balance adjustment of melt index and flow temperature, ePLA-HF can flow smoothly in the melting state, and can cool faster during printing and molding. In this way, smooth thread output without plugging and rapid cooling without deformation during high-speed printing can be obtained; Compared with ordinary materials, printing speed is faster, surface quality is higher, and detail performance is better; Good adaptability. Through the adjustment of materials, the dependence of fast printing on the cooling power of the printer is reduced, and the printability is excellent; It can be used for early conceptual model and rapid prototyping.
  • eSilk-PLA Magic
    Fantastic and gorgeous two-color appearance
    Silk luster texture
    smooth surface
    Support is easy to peel
    Excellent printability
    Filament is not easy to break...

  • Dreamy and gorgeous bicolor appearance;With silky luster and texture; Smoothsurface; Easily peelable support; Excellent printability; Filaments not easy to break.
  • ePLA-Matte
    Colorful rainbow appearance
    Green and environmental protection
    High cost performance
    High-speed printing
    Support is easy to peel
    Excellent printability
    Filament is not easy to break
    Matte surface effect
    low density...

  • Matte appearance; The surface is glossy and does not show lamination. Low shrinkage,No warping, No cracking, You can print large-scale models; The support is easier to peel off from the model surface than other materials, The contact surface is smooth and flat; No irritating smell when printing; Filaments not easy to break; Smooth flow, even if printing for a long time,the nozzle will not be blocked.
  • eResin-ABS
    The surface of the printed piece is smooth...

  • High precision, fine and smooth surface quality, exquisite detail features, and high molding dimension stability can be suitable for various engineering model assembly tests.
  • PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin
    Low odor
    Wide compatibility
    Low viscosity
    Balanced strength, toughness and rigidity...

  • Combining the advantages of eSUN's own PLA polyol, it is a bio-based water washing resin made for ordinary consumers. It contains bio-based components, is compatible with color screen, black and white screen, large and small size printers, has good toughness, low odor, and smooth surface. It can be washed with water, eliminating the alcohol cleaning step, greatly reducing the post-processing time, improving the printing efficiency, and having high cost performance.
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