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Sintratec is the leading Swiss developer for industrial 3D printers and professional software solutions for additive manufacturing. Inside the compact systems, polymer powders are fused into high-quality objects by means of the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process. The precision of the Sintratec technology makes the most complex shapes and geometries a tangible reality, enabling users to design with an exceptionally high freedom of form. At the same time, Sintratec materials are highly resilient and ideally suited for end-use applications – whether robust and durable, or flexible and soft. Sintratec systems are in operation worldwide in various industries, research institutes and universities. Founded in 2014, Sintratec managed to grow into a leading technology company.


  • Sintratec All-Material Platform
    The All-Material Platform is the new additive manufacturing solution by leading Swiss SLS company Sintratec. As a world first, the AMP enables processing of all materials on the same production line, marking a new era for industrial 3D printing....

  • Unique and patented in the field of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), the All-Material Platform separates the cutting-edge fusion module from the movable Build Modules. Thanks to this modularity both polymers and metals can be processed on the same system and exchanged rapidly without cross-contamination or lengthy cleaning processes. The AMP’s novel modular approach allows for all current and future Sintratec modules to be compatible and interchangeable with one another. This means that you can seamlessly scale your manufacturing setup from one to ten or one hundred systems and tailor it perfectly to your application.
  • Sintratec S3
    The Sintratec S3 is the latest fusion module for the Sintratec All-Material Platform. Developed for around-the-clock SLS 3D printing, the S3 is a 30-watt workhorse that packs a punch....

  • The Sintratec S3 module opens up new possibilities for manufacturing setups of any size. With the separated Build Module, material changes become a matter of seconds and ensure a contamination-free workflow. Imagine 24/7 high performance printing becoming a feasible reality! As part of the All-Material Platform, the S3 is designed to work seamlessly with all Sintratec Build Modules and materials.
  • Sintratec MCU-220
    The Sintratec Material Core Unit 220 is a new Build Module compatible with all fusion models of the AMP. The build volume of 15.2 liters makes the MCU-220 the ideal choice for large objects and high-throughput manufacturing....

  • The movable powder module comes with sieving and mixing functions, as well as multi-zone heating for the build cylinder to ensure an even heat distribution and consistent results. Together with a high-speed and lightweight coating system the MCU-220 is built to meet the demands of industrial manufacturing. As part of the All-Material Platform, the MCU-220 is designed to work seamlessly with all Sintratec fusion modules and materials.
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